January 12th, 2010

London Calling
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Ground Kontrol's Rock Band Tuesdays - Alice in Chains pack

You love the video game Rock Band, right? Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade in downtown Portland hosts a Rock Band Night every Tuesday! Come down, form a band with your friends, play on stage and rock the hell out! Check out the new Alice in Chains Pack on Tuesday January 12th!

• Alice In Chains – “Grind,” “Heaven Beside You, ”“Last of My Kind, ”“We Die Young, ”“Your Decision”

With over 1000 songs available, including The Beatles:Rock Band, you're sure to find something you like!

Rock Band Tuesdays, 8:00pm-12:30am, Ground Kontrol, 511 NW Couch Street, 21+
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In Celebration of Dr. King

Thomas Robinson & Old Town Pizza Present: 16mm Vintage Civil Rights Movies

Monday, January 18th, 2009
Martin Luther King Day
5 hours of 16mm historic civil rights films

These are movies from Tom Robinson’s extensive collection of vintage 16mm film that you cannot see anywhere else. They are an incredible piece of history we’d like to share with you and your friends and families. If you possibly can, please stop by, even for a half hour. Bring someone. These films are a solemn reminder of how far we’ve come since then and how very far we still have to go.

Please forward this to anyone you know in Portland. Please feel free to repost. We are looking forward to seeing you.

No admission charge * All ages * Very kid-friendly


Old Town Pizza
5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)
Between Alberta and Killingsworth
#6 and #72 bus, free parking

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Seriously? Can anything make KATU?


"Moment of panic for dad when stroller gets stuck in MAX doors" -

Key Points: "said his 2-year-old son, Gavin, is fine after he got trapped in his stroller between closing MAX doors. "

“This happened for at least two seconds,” he said. “And two seconds with your kid locked in a stroller is like forever.”

"Now, Andrew wants an apology from TriMet in this latest incident for something he said could have seriously hurt or even killed his son."

Really? REALLY? The door reopened multiple times, it was as you said "two seconds" also there was no risk of death, the door has to close before the train can be moved, ask any operator they can not run a train with open doors. This is not the New York City Subway.

Does KATU just really hate Trimet, they seem to find at least one thing per week to run.
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(no subject)

I posted a while back asking for recommendations for kickboxing gyms. I want to learn and I'm serious about it.

Well anyway, I got some wonderful replies last time and bookmarked it. Computer ended up crashing and I lost the entry.

Can anyone recommend a gym that teaches kickboxing/muay thai? Thanks!

Common Grounds Massage

I received a gift certificate for Christmas for a massage and soak at Common Grounds. Holy cow, they have a lot of practitioners! Has anyone had massage at Common Grounds? Do you have a preferred therapist there? Anyone I should avoid? I don't really have a gender preference. Thanks, DP.
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Not sure if you've heard of Blackbox Republic, a social dating network for people of all orientations, lifestyles and relationship styles. It's based in Portland, and a good friend of mine is on the team behind it.

Anyway: if this is up your alley, there is a promo, through Friday of this week, for a free month on the site. Use the code f258fllq at registration.
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Computer Spots in SE

I know these days a lot of cafes, bars, etc. have free WIFI for customers. But, what about spots that have computers for customer / public use? My home computer is on the fritz and I'm hoping to find someplace a little closer to home than the campus computer lab for days where I'm not on campus already. I live in the inner SE - Hawthorne / Belmont neighborhood near SE 39th.

Since Chance of Rain shut down I'm not really sure where else to look. I understand that Backspace, which is a little further in downtown charges $6 per hour. Do you have any other recommendations, DP?

Thanks in advance!
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bookshelf safety!

So, the cheap-ass "cinder-block and boards" method of making bookshelves: How high can you safely build one of those? I know cinder blocks are heavy, and I just have a mental image of some earthquake bringing them down and then there goes all my toes. But, damn, that would be a cheap way of organizing my crap.