January 11th, 2010

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Anyone have a Clear modem?

I know I've seen posts and/or comments discussing how people have gotten Clear internet and hated it and stopped. So it seems to follow that someone might have a Clear modem for basic home service hanging around and be willing to sell it to me for cheap. I guess I don't even know for sure that I need the specific product on the website to use the service--I'm a little overwhelmed by this internet business at the moment. I don't want to spend $70 if I'm going to hate it after a month, but I'm looking for cheap internet service that doesn't require a home phone line or cable TV, doesn't require a contract and works with Linux and so far it's looking like the most reasonable option. (And yeah, I looked at the recent post about internet service.)

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Great and powerful all knowing dp,

like everyone else I know I have no insurance and little money. I know about places like outside in and such. But I have a seizure disorder that they can't help me with. I thought I had them under control but I have had two seizures in two weeks witch just doesn't work. Are there hospitals or neurologists that are sliding scale? I have been looking on google. But then I call them and an appointment is 200$. I can't afford that.

Any ideas anyone? I would be forever in your debt

trail report?

Has anyone been up in Forest Park on Leif Erikson (Thurman St entrance) this past weekend? What is the trail/road like right now? Extra-super muddy, or only moderately muddy? Would you run on it?
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Punk rawk show anyone?

My friend from Seattle just called to say his punk band is coming to pdx, FINALLY! I figure a few people here might be interested in a good cheap punk show. They're called the Them, http://the-them.com/ and it's at the red room. don't know the price, but punk=cheap.


I always like to support the local music scene(s) and I really like to bring my town out to a traveling show. Let's show him how PDX punks rock!

If you come out I'll give you an awesome high five! and if you're hawt, sexual favors.
OK, how bout I'll buy a pitcher or something for the DP's that come.

P.S. I like punk music. It's a part of my past and speaks to my soul. But it's not my fav music. If you see me around town at a show it's more likely to be hip hop, electronic, or some indie something. FYI

Lost Cat :(

My Sister in Law just moved up to PDX 2 weeks ago. On Friday (1/8) her cat escaped from the house and she hasn't seen him since.

Her post on craigslist is here: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/laf/1546974347.html

And there is a post about a found cat on 39th and Belmont who may be him, but the poster has not responded to any emails so far :(

Kaiser is a two year old male cat. He is mostly white with orange splotches. He is about 2 years old and very, very loved. He is a great kitty and we would love for him to be home soon :)

He was last seen at his house at SE 15th and Spokane.

Thank you for your time! And thanks for any help :)
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Hey Portland! Where do you get your tea at? Loose leaf or otherwise! I'm just looking for some good places to get tea, I usually frequent Tea Chai Te on NW 23rd and have gone to the overly priced Teavana at the mall, but I'd rather stick to a little more local!

Points for places I can sit, relax, drink a cup or two and get some work done!

Service Dogs

I have a dog who is trained as my Psychiatric Service Dog based off the recommendation of an old therapist who I am no longer in contact with. My new landlord is asking for documentation from a therapist for me to keep her against his no dog policy. Due to lack of health insurance, I haven't been seeing anybody since I moved to Portland and I can't afford to start seeing someone long-term.

Any recommendations for therapists/counselors/etc. who are likely to write me such a letter after one meeting and is either free or sliding scale?

Or any other methods people have you used to jump this hurdle?


credit cards

I hate my current credit card after they changed all their policies and won't answer any of my questions (for the record - Citibank AAdvantage card).

So...I'm looking for a new one! Do you have one you would recommend? I'm looking for a rewards card - my current one has been for airline miles and I liked that, but am open to other reward types as well. I have to have a credit card for my work, so just not having one isn't an option. I have basically funneled most of my major purchases and monthly bills through the credit card to get the airline miles and then paid it off each month. I almost always pay off the full balance each month and I have good credit. Here's what I'm looking for ideally:
- decent rewards program
- not insane interest rates if I do take a couple months to pay something off
- no annual fee (flexible if rewards are great)
- taken pretty much everywhere (prob not am-ex)
- no hidden fees/trying to screw you over

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Just in case anyone was interested:

What do unemployed people do all day?
(Many of you know the answer to this question!)
They sit on the internet and read about other people's lives.
(Some of you might already know this)
Anyway, if there are any of you that do not hate me, you can add me to your regular friend's list. Then you will get the same wit and insight there as you get from me here!
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Lake Oswego to deposit $1 million in local banks

Lake Oswego to deposit $1 million in local banks
By Yuxing Zheng, The Oregonian

Lake Oswego plans to deposit $1 million in local banks as part of several initiatives in coming months to spur economic development.

The funds will be transferred from accounts with Wells Fargo, which is headquartered in California, to four area banks, with preference given to those based locally.

To read more go to: http://www.oregonlive.com/lake-oswego/index.ssf/2010/01/lake_oswego_to_deposit_1_million_in_local_banks.html

Who would have thought Lake Oswego would be implementing a very progressive idea, promoted by the Huffingtonpost!?!? Do you think other cities will be doing the same throughout Oregon?