January 10th, 2010

gotta love Craigslist when you get job ads like this.


The person applying for this position will be interfacing with customers via technical support, overseeing the technical support team, scheduling installation and service visits and helping maintain FDA and ISO compliance. This person will also have a role in coordinating with Research and Development for product realization.

This person should have strong mechanical aptitude, be intensely self-motivated, strong attention to detail and a high level of patience.

A chemistry background is preferred along with experience with dried blood spots and neonatal testing.

* Location: Clackamas, Oregon


sorry if this isnt the best place to ask this, but my google-fu is failing me :/

on some forums i'm on in livejournal, someone will post with like 4 photos but half the pics people post are showing up as just black squares where there should be an image.

they're all like coming from the same place, photobucket or flickr. but one out of 4 will randomly show. this is really annoying, and i have no idea why its happening or what to do about it!

anyone have this happen to them? thanks a lot guys.
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Friend and I went to Mimosa Studios on Alberta to paint our own pottery yesterday only to see just to paint a coffee mug was $22! Is it that ridiculously priced all over town? I used to paint my own pottery in Orlando all the time and it was $7-8 for a mug.
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Least Shitty Internets

I've moved to SE (Clinton area south of Ladd's), and I've been using a Clear wireless stick for internet access. It has certain advantages, but Clear's whole "run this janky app on OS X to get access" makes things a pain in the ass, and I've had trouble connecting at night.

That being the case, I want to get home internet that comes through the wires. I do not want TV service, I do not want phone service (although I'd pay for a cheap land line if it got me a better rate). I checked out the FIOS site, and was sad

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So, what do I want to do for internet in Portland? It looks like Quest and Comcast both have tiered service. Do the tiers make an actual difference, or do you end up paying for throughput that's never available? (i.e. "does up to X" really mean "You'll never get anywhere near X")

Also, I noticed Quest's prices all had a "must have Windows Live" disclaimer. What if you don't have windows live?

Is it still possible to get straight internet service you can run without having to install special software? (i.e. Clear)

Tell me DP, how I can be minimally fucked and still get all the Internets I want/need.
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Recent European Air Travelers

Hey DP.

I'm writing an article on airline security. I have enough info and people to comment on TSA, but I'm also writing about European airline security. And I'm wondering if any of you have recently traveled overseas and have any comment on specific security procedures you've witnessed.

If you could shoot me an email at almeida (at) pdx dot edu, that'd be grand.
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Exploring portland...

 I have lived here for about 11 years but have yet to really find fun, unusual  touristy things. I have of course been to the typicals... Rose Garden, Tram riding (daily event), Chinese and Japanese Garden, OMSI type of things. Anyone have suggestions on how to explore Portland without the typicals??

Shame! ... Oh, wait!

The Simpsons anniversary TV special just mentioned a certain "NW Lovejoy St" as one of the things influenced by the Simpsons phenomena. Nice research, Fox writers and/or documentarian Morgan Spurlock (who directed this).

Edit: oh wait, they just spoke at length about the fact that Portland influenced the Simpsons. Better.

Another edit: I cross-posted this to my own Livejournal, and some kind anonymous soul commented, "You're an idiot. Matt Groening said in the special that he named characters on the show after streets in Portland. Glad to see you were paying such close attention." Mind you, I included the same 'Edit' in the original post. Did I not make myself clear? Fuck the internet, really.
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Space for rent - type post

Because life isn't complicated enough, I'm going to try to move within a month or so.

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So now I need two new sets of roommates: for the office, and for a home.

For a home: My friend Francesca and I have agreed we want to live together. We're looking for a house in SE (zip codes 97202, 97206, or 97214, probably). We're looking for a house with one or two other people, starting around the end of February. We're both very clean, drug-free, communicative, and like board games, cooking, and having good people around. Does anyone out there want to live with us, or know anyone else who might be looking for a place? Or who has a place, that needs a couple people to fill it?

For an office: If any lawyers or other professionals out there are looking for a place to set up shop, now is a great opportunity for that as well. We can set you up with a working office, printers, internet, a web site, business cards, and an immediate source of referrals and advice.

Please let me know if you're interested.