January 9th, 2010

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Stock scam

This is clever and simple. Something to be aware of; don't get suckered! Heard this from the host Adam Bolt on The Mutual Fund Show.

Stock broker calls up 100 people. 50 of them he tells to buy a certain stock. The other 50 he tells to short-sell that same stock.

When the stock performs one way or the other, he calls up the group associated with that performance and says "See, I told you this stock would behave this way! Do more business with me!". The other group he just never calls.

Nice. Very nice. And very, very hard to discover.

What are some variations on this that you can think of? Fence-sitting politicians, anyone?

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Sex Robot at CES.. finally! what we've all been waiting for.

But here's the funny:
Though the prototype robot is modeled after a Caucasian fine arts student and is 5 feet 7 inches tall and 120 pounds, customers can choose hair color, eye color and other features, Hines said.

Really? That's what they think fine arts students look like? Amusing.

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vet rec. needed!

my family vet has changed hands. i went in to get bloodwork done for my little dog and to schedule surgery that needs to be done (her mouth is a wreck from her previous owners neglect and she sprouted a tumor in her neck)  and this guy...all i saw were dollar signs in his eyes as he was discussing all of the things i should do. basically i don't trust the guy.

so i am looking for a vet that is just awesome, yes cost is a factor (i am a college student so if they would work with me even better) but really i just want to trust someone with my dog, and wont try to sell me expensive medication she doesn't need.




Is anyone here an EMT and able to take me with them on a ride-along?
I am in EMT classes right now, and I am considering continuing on to be a paramedic.

Please email me: RebeccaLavelle@yahoo.com

Restaurant recommendation?

Hello all! I've perused the tags but haven't found quite what I'm looking for...

I have a date Monday evening and I'm looking for a restaurant. Following are the must-have criteria as well as the would-be-a-bonus stuff:


1. Be vegetarian-friendly.
2. Have an atmosphere conducive to intimate conversation and gushy hand-holding.
3. Be Trimet-accessible, not out in the 'burbs.


1. Emphasize organically and/or locally grown food.
2. Have good cold-weather comfort foods.
3. Be reasonably budget-friendly. Yes, I'm willing to pay more for quality, just not $20 a plate.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: The Farm Cafe is the winner!
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My dad's coming into town. Where should he stay?

Hey, DP, my dad and stepmom are coming into town in early February for a long weekend. We live in North Portland, near Mississippi and Failing. It'd be nice if they could stay kinda nearby. 

I suggested McMenamin's Kennedy School, but at $120/night, it's too expensive. But I'd like to avoid the cheap and charmless on Interstate as well.

I'm new around these parts, so I'd welcome your suggestions. Thanks! 
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Blockbuster gift card trade...

For the holidays a relative across the country sent me a $20 gift card to Blockbuster. I have netflix account so I thought I'd check it out & see if there were any videos I'd want to buy instead. Well, the Blockbuster near my house is going out of business. All of their videos are for sale (and under $2). Sadly, there was nothing I wanted, all the other Blockbuster stores are inconveniently out of my way & they were really mean when I asked if I could just get money for it.

Any one want to trade money for the card? Say like $15 for a $20 card...

EDIT; if anyone is wondering, the "going out of business" Blockbuster is on Killingsworth & MLK. They are selling videos, display TV's, display shelves, Tivo, video games, toys, candy.. etc at sale prices.

plz halp...

so, so bored. so, so broke... looking something for hubby and I to do tonight that is cheap cheap cheap.. also closeby helps (we live on W Burnside)... any ideas or rhetoric or jokes or posts at all appreciated.

A dumb food stamp question

I'm new to the whole food stamp thing (or EBT - whatever dude, it's still food stamps), and I was wondering how it works when you buy a bunch of edible and non-edible groceries together at, say, Safeway (using the self-checkout doodad). Does it automatically ask for another form of payment after you run the EBT card, or what?

Because I'm too lazy to find out myself.