January 8th, 2010

The underpants bomber aftermath: does this make sense to you?

The entire incident where the flight to Maui was intercepted by jet fighters because a guy onboard wouldn't stow his luggage is, it would probably not have happened if not for the Detroit "underpants bomber" incident.
As well as how a flight from Boston was canceled because someone smelled an "odd smell". And a New Jersey terminal was shut down, etc. And how the recriminations have been flying around that the government failed deeply.

The thing is, no was actually hurt or injured in that Detroit incident. (Other than the guy who actually lit his groin on fire). Obviously, it could have been a terrible thing if the fire was to spread. But it didn't. And yet this is held up as something that should have been prevented.

At the same time as there is this idea that any terrorist act on a plane should be prevented, we have also had a guy walk into a federal courthouse in Las Vegas and open fire. And then someone walked into their work in Missouri and opened fire, killing three people. Both of these stories just went through the usual run of the news cycle. No one is suggesting that the government failed to realize that Timothy Hedron of Missouri was ready to do something crazy, but apparently they should have known that about Umar Abdulmullutab was. So any act of terrorism is a terrible affront, but having people blown away at work is just "the cost of doing business"?

And for that matter, as long as we are dealing with transportation related deaths, about 18,000 people die a year from drunk driving. During 2009, how many Americans died from airborne terrorism? Much less than that. What would it be like if we lived in a country where it was hard enough to get on a freeway drunk, as it was to get on an airplane carrying a bottle of shampoo?

Dog needs home

I got this message at work today and it is really sad... Anyone want a dog?
It's not me, I swear, I would never do this. Contact me if you are interested.

Does anyone know someone who would like to provide a loving home for an 11 year old female German Sheppard???

She is a good dog, very people and kid friendly, not very dog friendly unfortunately, tolerant of cats, but prefers to be the center of your attention.

I just cant care for her any longer and she really only has a few years left in her so taking her to the Humane Society is my very last resort…

I have all her stuff to provide even medical records & food.

She just needs a yard to play in, regular walks, someone to pick-up her poop, feed & water her and of course a lot of love!!!

If you know anyone who would like to have a good companion…

ETA: PLEASE don't tell me what to do with the dog, I've never met it, I am just putting feelers out there for a potential owner.

FNNLC: The Glass Bead Game

Today, I bought an elbow-plus of kava powder. I had some for the first time in a while, and it certainly makes my lifeless state much more tolerable.

Anyway, I had an idea for tonight's NLC. It is to play THE GLASS BEAD GAME, which is often what these threads turn into. The Glass Bead Game is a game without too many rules, or too many specific procedures. The important point of it is to be very clever, and subtle. To string together references and metareferences into a beguiling net of meaning...or perhaps only of confusion.

Failing that, you can also just post whatever random stuff comes to mind.
portland map

where are the curves?

okay, i took my first trip out to hillsboro this evening, and on my way home on 217 and into the tunnel, i started thinking about how awful that must have been in the snow and stuff. so my condolences again to everyone who was stuck. that must have really sucked and been scary.

but it also made me think about the road itself... so... curvy. then it hit me. THIS is what they mean when they say, "the curves." all this time i thought "the curves" were on I-5, and were known more fully as "The Terwilliger Curves." so my question is, WHERE ARE THE CURVES?

i don't think i can be a real portlander until i know the various names for things.