January 7th, 2010


recs for towing company?

I need to get my car to the dealer to fix the problem of it not starting (I've already had it diagnosed by a mechanic who doesn't have the capacity to fix the problem)... therefore I'm looking for a towing company to get it there. I don't have AAA. I'm in NoPo and headed for the dealer in Vancouver, if it makes a difference.

Cheap is best in this case :) Thanks gang.


So, as is everyone, I'm broke. I'm looking to sell a violin I have. I looked inside and it says K. Becker made by Shim, and number 101-4/4. Hard case, bow, and a bunch of books (theory, starter and advanced) as well as a tuner, cleaning stuff, and shoulder rest. Violin is in good shape. Sounds good. A chip on the front but it's not deep and doesn't affect the sound. Does anyone know what something like this is worth? It's the one thing that I have that might be worth something, I just don't know what exactly.

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Dresden Dolls

Documentary subject?

I'm about to take a class in documentary filmmaking. We will be going through the whole process, beginning to end, of creating a short (5-10 minute) documentary.

I'm also new to Portland - but I would love to make something meaningful to this community with my assignment.

What would you like me to point my, albeit small, spotlight on? Something that hasn't been done already.
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I was driving to a class today and was behind a very slooow semi. As I passed him I looked over and he had his phone at eye level with one hand on the phone...looked to be texting..after I passed I looked in my rear-view window to see him swerve onto the shoulder and then back into his lane...scary. for a split second, I thought maybe I should report him. BUT I forgot my ear bud at home! hah.   oh and I wasn't about to pull over to call near that guy who had already exhibited an inability to drive:)  So would one get a ticket for calling to report someone who is probably being more dangerous by texting than making a phone call to report them?  or really any scenario where you may be unable to  to pull over  and stop your car to call and don't have a ear bud or such? Is it logical to even report such things anyway? really, i just found the whole scenario kinda funny...(not his crappy driving tho)