January 6th, 2010

airport farewell
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Snark away folks. I'm interested in personal recommendations (first-hand not required) for homeopaths in the pdx vicinity. Willing to travel for someone really good, especially with chronic multifactorial problems/conditions including psychological/mood components.
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Finger/Toe attention needed

Hey DPers:

Best place in town to get mani/pedis en masse? Like for a group of people who all wanted to go at the same time to celebrate something (baby shower, in this case)? Bonus points for SW, but all other quadrant suggestions welcomed as well. Price no option, although spending a fortune isn't the idea. I'm looking more for ambiance, I guess.

Thanks in advance, y'all.

P.s. Look! It's not raining!
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Violin bows, and pen caps.

Oh wise DP, I have two questions.

1) I ordered a Codabow Prodigy off Amazon. What I got was a Codabow Diamond NX. I am not complaining, the NX is the better model. That's the problem, actually. They shipped me a better model than what I ordered, would it be alright for me to keep it? Or should I return it? I already pulled the stickers off and I don't want to pay for shipping.

I decided to keep it. I looked at the packaging it came in, and it appears that there were no markings on it to indicate what type of bow was inside it and it was sealed when I got it, making me suspect that the mistake may have originated at the manufacturer rather than the dealer. I could be wrong, but I'm going to keep my mouth shut. I was able to register for the warranty just fine.

2) I got a used fountain pen off ebay that I'm trying to restore, over all it's in good condition except it doesn't have a cap. Does anyone have a collection of vintage pen caps (or know of one) that I can riffle through to find one that fits? It's a Waterman CF fine point with a 14 karat gold nib, very nice. I don't care if the cap is from that model, I just want one that fits and looks good.

Thank you!


soo.. I have a lot of interests but I'm terribly half-assed about everything, so I want to push myself to get more involved.

-wheres a good place to take a class or learn about Adobe Photoshop?

-any great Astrology groups, classes (intermediate), or stores?

-anyone in the way out SE or NE want to get together and play tennis?

im not even that much into hip-hop music really,
-but i want to learn how to dance hip-hop or related styles. anyone know a good place to do this?

i don't care how professional or established any of these sources might be. totally open to DIY type groups.

-also, any great open-mic nights with friendly peoples where i can read some of my writing?

thanks in advance. i have googled these to an extent but i want some personal suggestions from you damnlanders.
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Blog recommends

SInce DeePee is a knowitall, answer me this:

My LJ expired today and I'm debating on whether to renew it or not. It also got me to thinking about starting a blog somewhere else. The trouble I'm having (and this is where I need your help), I want a blog that has some of the features that Livejournal has. I want to be able to make posts via email, upload pictures (thru email like LJ does), host images, has an RSS feature so I can still read some stuff on LJ (like damnportlanders) and be able to somewhat customize the look and feel of it.Free would be totally awesome but a yearly fee (like LJ) would be ok too. I am not paying $15 a month for a blog (i.e. TypePad)!
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FYI - Weather Alert for around here

Severe Weather Alert: The City of Portland is declaring a Severe Weather Alert for Wednesday night, 1/6/2010. The National Weather Service predicts temperatures to drop to 32°F with winds of 15 mph that will begin early morning (4am) and are expected to persist through the morning. No precipitation is expected, but wind chills will be hazardous.

The Red Cross Severe Weather Warming Center will open tonight at Foursquare Church.

Anyone seeking shelter should contact the 211info Winter Shelter Line (503) 721-1500. 211info will be available to identify available shelter and warming center resources between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM Saturdays and Sundays.

Call for Vendors - Craft shows in January?

This is a long shot but since you guys know everything that is happening in Portland I thought it was worth a try.

I'm looking for craft/art shows that are looking for Vendors and Artists in January and February.

Any events going on that would have vendors of that kind? It's dead out there.. I'm not finding anything. Specifically looking for things going on in the next couple of months. I have the rest of the year covered.. just winter is so dead!

Help me out DP?

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Yoga mat

Dearest DP,

I consulted with you to find a textbook for my voice and articulation class, and you solved that pickle, now I come to you to find the even more abstract piece of that class... they want us to have a yoga mat. So, now I query, where does one find a nice, fairly inexpensive yoga mat? Points for one near Beaverton/Tigard!

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Hey everybody.

I need to get out of a bad roommate situation and am hoping someone here can help me out. I don't have enough money to rent my own apartment, but I definitely want to find a place where my space is distinctly mine. Do any of you damnportlanders need some help making rent and have a basement/garage/attic/guest house/shed that's not being used that could potentially be an extra apartment?

I don't mind sharing a bathroom and/or kitchen, as long as I have access to both. Besides that, my only real requirements are that I have electricity and the place is close-in PDX. I also have a small dog, so the place needs to be pet-friendly as well.

Let me know if you have anything and we'll talk more!
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heya deepeeeps!

So this image is circulating tumblr. It is super cool.

It lists off a whole bunch of fruits and veggies and how they correspond to strengthening different body parts.

So I'm sharing it:

(click for bigness)

SO... it's really cool, but is it true? I'm too lazy to google it, so debunk it as you see fit.
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Home Entertainment Setup

At our household we have basically eliminated broadcast TV. We watch DVDs and streaming Netflix and other than that use the TV for video games (Wii pretty much is the only console ever used). So I'm thinking about possibly switching out our old tube TV for an LCD monitor but I have no idea how that would hook up. I currently have an analog switch that we use to flip between computer display, DVD player and Wii. Is there an equivalent for DVI? Obviously I'll need to get sound of some kind, but I can use a couple of computer speakers in the meantime. Anyone done this before? Thx,