January 5th, 2010


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Okay this sounds weird but...

Anyone else have their phone's battery just drain fast today? Both me and my girlfriends phone is about to die and generally we only use about half a charge (I usually plug in @ 40%).

(and neither of us did any extra talking/surfing/etc.)

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Where do you go for new music? And by "new" I don't necessarily mean "just released" (although it could be) - I mostly mean new to me.

I really dig Greg Glover's "Bottom Forty" show on 94.7, but I can never catch it when it airs, and homeboy don't podcast. KCRW, which I fell in love with in LA, does, and it's a good source, but I want more.

I have about 30 Pandora stations, but man I having bad luck in getting the algorithm to give me fresh material that I like.

Blip is a bit too random, Lala is decent but times out if you're just sampling, and Last is too hard to focus.

Can anyone suggest some good podcasts or themed/customized net radio I could try out?

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Civics help pls

If I wanted to report a business that regularly has foul, yellow-black smoke pouring out of its chimney, what bureau would I contact? The fire department has been called on them by people who thought they had a fire, it is so bad. Apparently it is exhaust from their heating system, but surely there are emissions requirements that would come into play here. I'm surprised the sidewalk isn't littered with dead birds.

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DP music game time!

We had a breakup music post earlier. Now let's talk wedding music. Reply to this post with (1) the most obnoxiously cliché wedding reception song you can think of and (2) the most hilariously awesome song you've never heard at a wedding reception. I'll start!

1. "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle. Really. I have never heard this song while NOT at a wedding. In case you need to hear it:

2. "What's It Gonna Be?" by Mike O'Connell with dr ken. Why aren't there more funny songs of the internet at weddings?
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Baby proofing Door handles

I have no kids nor a need to baby proof my house, but my friend asked on FB if anyone knew how to baby-proof door handles(not door knobs) and specifically without using those plastic things they sell for door handles. She apparently has tried them and hates them. and  all her doors have handles not knobs....It just got me wondering how would you baby proof those? Obviously you could put a latch on one side of the door high up...but that can be troublesome. So DP.... did you every baby proof door handles? how did you do it? or did you say f-it I survived with out any baby proofing so will my kid?
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Shamrock Run!

Hey DeePs! The annual Adidas Shamrock Run/Walk is on Sunday, March 14th this year and sign-ups are now open. The reg fee is $30 and you get a t-shirt....but I have registered a "large team" this year, which gets you a discounted reg fee of $25.

You can register for any event you like (5, 8 or 15k or 3.5 mile walk), so don't worry, you don't have to hang out with me or the other team members (unless you want to!). You also get to skip heading to Adidas to pick up your bib/shirt/race chip or waiting in line on race morning...instead you get them from me!

If you are interested, you can e-mail me at trente33trois at gmail dot com (I promise not to send you sparkly, patriotic e-mail forwards or porn) or at our Facebook group. See there really is a FB group for everything these days!

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Here we go again

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Hey kiddies! We're having another British TeeVee Night at the Low Brow Lounge in Old Town.

1036 NW Hoyt, just up the street from Powell's and accessible by Streetcar, so you PSU drunks and can come out, too.

Tues Jan 12th, 6pm til 9:30ish. It's a Happy Hour event, so load up on the cheap drinks whilst ye may.

We'll be showing at least Part 1 of the last David Tennant Doctor Who story, 'The End of Time', along with our usual mix of funny bits and intergalactic stomping about. Might show Part 2 as well if we get enough votes for it.

If you have anything you'd like to show, burn it to dvdr and bring it. The event is free and open to all. Bring your friends, roommates, cute indie chick cousin, etc.

Free raffle prizes, too.

FB event link
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So, on my way home from the pathetic (SERIOUSLYGUYZ) Blazer's loss, my boy and I took the Green line home. Except...it broke. It had a door failure 3 stops after we got on. Of course it took 15 minutes of sitting there to let us know that too. Thanks Tri-Met, glad our new trains are so reliable :)