January 4th, 2010

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Game night!

Game night on Wednesday! Singles... Come out and play. http://bit.ly/6zpaA4 - facebook invite page

GameNightPDX is a singles mingler type of group. We meet on the first and third Wednesday each month from 7 to 10pm + for mingling over great beer and board games. OK, it really tends to be more about card games, but it is great nonetheless.

928 SE 9th Ave
(just off belmont)

Twitter: @gamenightpdx
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Come meet International Adult Superstars Jesse Jane and Riley Steele at Castle Megastore in Beaverton on January 16th, 2010 at 7pm!

Digital Playgrounds hottest stars will be at our Beaverton location signing autographs, and taking pictures from 7pm to 10pm that night. We will be raffling off signed copies of DVDs and other prizes, along with a special promotion on DVDs featuring the girls.

KUFO will also be at our store from 5pm to 7pm.

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I wanted to thank everyone for the words of encouragement in response to my post the other day. They were really helpful and uplifting at a time that has been really trying for me. I have an interview with a staffing company suggested by one of you tomorrow... which is just a pre-interview for another interview later if it goes well, but it gives me hope. I'm not out of the woods and I don't have a job yet, but I wanted to give a word of encouragement to any of you who may also be looking for work right now. Perseverance pays off. Keep your head up, keep trying! Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Sorry for the sappy message, but sometimes we can use a little sappiness in our lives when things are bad.
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Alton Brownnnn!

Did anyone catch the 4 lists that Alton Brown just listed on the new episode of Good Eats? Google has failed me thus far and so has the Food Network website :|

EDIT: Name of the episodes is "Live and Let Diet"

Special Election coming up!

 So I cross-posted this in the pdx_edu community, but figured that it wouldn't hurt to tell folks about it around here:

Hey guys, so I'm sure there have been folks coming in your class rooms with voter registration cards and talking about the special election coming up. Hell, I may have even been one of those people in your class! :-P And if you don't go to PSU, then well, you probably haven't seen me talking about the importance of all this. But really, make sure you are up to date so you can vote in the upcoming special election. Ballot measures 66 and 67 are the big ones to look out for. If these two get passed, a lot of money could get raised that directly impacts our tuition and the money that goes to public schools. (in addition to public safety and healthcare)

So do a little research if you need to. Here is a pretty straight forward article about the measures and how they impact us. Vote!!!
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Textbook hunting

So I just discovered my voice and articulation class has a book... Problem is that textbook turned out to be a whopping $140! Anyone happen to have a copy of Voice and Articulation by Kenneth Carnnell they might want to part with?

Or! Does anyone know of any good sites or places to get decent priced textbooks? Powells was same price as my bookstore, Amazon was $80, which wasn't bad, but if I can go less, I'd be happy!
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Two completely separate questions:

1. I got my nails done while I was up in Vancouver visiting my family for Christmas. But now I'm back in pdx and without a car. So I need a recommendation for a good place to get my nails filled/removed/redone etc., hopefully cheaply. Downtown is nice, SW is nicer.

2. My laptop fan has been incredibly loud as of late. It shouldn't be. Is there anywhere in the aforementioned area where I can get this checked/fixed for a reasonable price? It doesn't seem to be affecting the way the computer runs, it's just annoying and I don't want to bug my poor roommate!


How do you tell if blue cheese has gone bad?

I mean, I have some old blue cheese in my fridge.  I wanted to put some on my salad.  But it might be *too* old.  But how can you tell if your blue cheese has molded?  It's already molded ...  I bought it that way.  So when does it go south?