January 3rd, 2010

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since people have spent so much time here looking for hot guys lately, heres a little somethin for the ladies...

im looking for fat, ugly women. i want where the vagina is to be a surprise that takes some time. bonus points if i lift a fat roll and find an actual roll, or some fried chicken.

thanks dp, i know youll know where to look. and dont say sf, im not movin!

Hey you Damn phone users!

Since that new law came into effect, I thought you all might be interested in this: http://www.woot.com/

Today only, Samsung Bluetooth for $17.99 (plus $5 shipping) WITH a $20 mail-in rebate. So it only ends up costing $2.99.

Edited for spelling fail.
Also, You can buy up to 3. And with the 3 $20 rebates, they end up being free!

However, the $20 rebate is for a $20 pre-paid visa card.

EDIT; Apparently for this woot, it's limited to one. So you can't get three. Still a good deal though.

free stuff

Hey guys! I posted a couple weeks ago about a rummage sale but now today I am posting about absolutely free stuff or junk or whatever you want to call it.

Just a heads up we are still moving and today is the last day so pretty much everything left in the house we are going to put outside in hopes someone (you?) will find it and love it or need it.

101 ne 53rd ave

ne 53rd and couch

I also still have the vintage trunk I need to get rid of so if you come by and are interested, just ask.

I'm asking $50 but might go lower!

thanks !

A query, if I may.

I work at a porn store, and was chatting with one of the regulars and we somehow managed to get onto the subject of hookers.

He told me that if people who have a history of prostitution, even if they aren't doing it anymore, if they get caught with condoms on their person, they get picked up for soliciting anyway, even if they weren't caught doing it.

I can't find anything online if this is true or not, laws and such, so maybe you guys could help me out? It's just really starting to nag me, because I hate not knowing the truth about these kinds of things.

a recipe for a chilly day

can be vegen and kinda good for you and they taste like apple pie!

Oatmeal Apple cookies (can be made vegen see replacements)

1 c. shortening (4 sticks vegen margerine)
2 c. brown sugar
4 eggs well beaten (can use egg replacement)
1 c. raisins
2 c. chopped raw apples
3 1/2 c. flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. soda
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 c. nuts
1 1/2 c. oatmeal

Cream shortening and sugar. Add well beaten eggs, oatmeal, fruit and dry ingredients. Drop on cookie sheet and bake 10 minutes at 375 degrees. Makes 7 dozen.

I subsituted butter, shortening is suppose to make them softer. I did not have raisins, should have gone to the store. Add 1 cup nuts if you like.
You can remove raisins and apples and add chocolate chips.

What's with Winco?

So I read the post about grocery stores, and it seemed like many people mentioned Winco as a cheap alternative to Freddies/Albertson's/Safeway.  I'm almost an excluse Fred Meyer shopper, and I'd never been to Winco, so I decided to check it out.  I was extremely underwhelmed.  I found a few items that seemed like good deals, but when I went to Fred Meyers afterwards found out that the "good deals" were actually priced the same as Fred Meyers.

For example:

Kashi Cereal: Winco $2.38, Fred Meyer's $2.39
Simply Orange Juice: Winco $4.00, Fred Meyer's $3.99
Tillamook Yogurt: Winco $0.65, Fred Meyer's $0.66
Organic Spinach: Winco $2.49, Fred Meyers 2/$5
Off brand Ketchup: Winco $0.88, Fred Meyers $0.88
Off brand 24 roll toilet paper: Winco $4.88, Fred Meyers $4.89

The only thing I found that was cheaper was Portland French Bakery bread, and it was only about $0.30 to $0.50 cheaper - not really worth the gas for the ten mile drive out there.

Granted, I think I'm not the demographic that Winco is targeting.  We're a double income, no kids household, and we eat organic vegetables, almost all organic dairy, and we try to buy local brands as much as possible.  We're not a Nabisco/Kraft/Kellogs/Proctor & Gamble family.

So what do you buy at Winco that makes it such a good deal?
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D&D Books for Sale

Howdy, I'm clearing off some shelf space and thought I would give you guys a crack at these before I turned to the dreaded Craig's List. The hardcovers are all D&D 3rd Edition, circa 2003 and are in great condition. Sadly I didn't use these very much.

Collapse )

Make me an offer on the whole bunch, or just let me know if you want specific books. I'd prefer to just let the whole bunch go to a good home but I'll piece them out if I have to. PM me if you like. Thanks!


Ok, so for the past half hour I heave heard non stop sirens going on in Beaverton. I live at SW farmington and Murray.
Anyone got anything?
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Miss Vanessa Lutz

Options for returning cans & bottles

I've noticed that stores that accept deposit returns will post a sign stating that they can only accept 144 per person per day - however some stores would accept more as long as you were using them towards a purchase versus cashing them out. If I'm reading the law correctly, it's up to the store how many they are willing to accept and they may refuse to accept more than the 144/person/day limit no matter if they are being cashed out/used towards purchases.

That being said, what stores in the area will accept more than the 144/person/day limit without too much fuss? If I get a choice, I'd rather haul in a few trash bags full and knock 40-50 bucks off my groceries a few times a year. We used to use the Freddies in Clackamas but tonight we were advised by the front end manager that going forward, we could only redeem the limit. Do any stores accept more than 144/person/day?
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Hi seakittens

So let's get some good recommendations in this bitch. Which DIVE bars do you like to haunt. What makes it awesome? Cheap drinks? Food? General atmosphere? Let's get a fine collection a brewin'!

My picks:
George's on Killingsworth and Interstate. Cheap drinks. Extensive food menu. Random people inside with no drama. Yum!

Joq's on Broadway. Dude. It's a gay bar with hand drawn posters of Brad Pitt from way back on the wall. 3.00 wells with free beer backs! @.@ Sassy cute older bartenders help this place out too. Ahoy!

Lastly anyone gone to the Sandy Hut or Club 21? Thoughts?

Club 21
Mock's Crest Tavern
The Overlook
Joe's Cellar
Monty's in TEH TR0N
Ship Ahoy
Yukon Gold
George's Tavern