January 2nd, 2010

flowers in palm

Thinking about grocery shopping

In your opinion, how does Fred Meyer compare to Safeway?

I've used Safeway since I moved into this house but only because it's really close. I've gone to FM a couple of times and been really happy with the experience, but I haven't gone enough to know how the prices stack up against Safeway. I like Trader Joes, too, but I don't feel I can get everything I need there.

In my mind the heirarchy is like this:

New Seasons - most expensive
Fred Meyer/Albertsons
Safeway/Trader Joes

Feel free to weigh in on local food co-ops, too, of which I am woefully ignorant.

Speaking of Windows 7

Has anyone done the $30 Windows 7 student offer from win741.com? Have any problems? Did they ask for proof of being a current student? The offer expires in a couple days and I kinda want to put it on my desktop...
scratchy hopes

Damn Cooks

My long distance gentleman friend is coming to visit me next week & I want to cook him an amazing meal! Our last 2 interludes, he has made delicious food for me (manicotti, chicken enchiladas). A long time ago I made him paella and I honestly kinda think this is when he started falling for me.

So, wise DP, I need an amazing dinner recipe to impress - we're both not super into meat as the main focus, but we don't mind it in dishes. We're big on grains & veggies, and cheese is just dandy too. I'm thinking of doing a curry or some kind of nicely spiced rice dish, but if you've got a different kind of recipe that cannot be missed, I will certainly consider that too!

Thanks in advance!