January 1st, 2010


Computer Calendar Alarm Clock

Can anyone recommend a good computer calendar alarm clock free download? I Googled it and it came up with a bunch of download sites I am not familiar with and don't want to just download anything...

Can anyone recommend a computer calendar alarm clock that you know is good and safe?

Thank you!!

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Hey community!

My roomies and I heard about a Portland Mega Liquidation Club Sale going on today that will have cheap technology like ipods and laptops. However, after a quick internet search most articles that popped up deemed the event a scam that has outdated merchandise not at a low price with an entry fee intended to make a profit behind the sham.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has indeed visited this event and what your thoughts are?

Thank you and happy New Year friends!


I am currently out of work and have been for awhile, and I desperately need a job. I've been checking Craigslist every day and applying for whatever I'm qualified for. I have also been pounding pavement and and picking up applications left and right, but everyone tells me that they aren't hiring right now. Does anyone know of businesses that are hiring? I'm a full-time student but have been a receptionist/office assistant for the past few years and have some limited food service experience. I'm willing to do just about anything at this point... I don't have any foolish pride. I'm willing to wash dishes or clean or do whatever, as long as it's steady work.

Thanks in advance, DPeeps.
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rose bowl details

What happened just a minute ago? I walked out of the room and walked back and ??? Ducks had the ball, close to a touchdown, then it was fumbled and the bucks almost recovered it but it went out of bounds...and then it was the Bucks' ball? Was it 4th down? Is this one of those college rules different than NFL rules things? I thought the ball would be the ducks' but I obviously missed something...

So riddle me this, DP...

Are there any half decent Cuban places in Portland (bonus points for SW area!) that aren't Pambiche or Cafe Cubano? I find Pambiche cramped and the service is unbearable, seems like the food has gone downhill pretty severely lately too.

Cafe Cubano, while tasty, I'm kind of burned out on.

The past history of your house

So say I have a house that I know is close to 100 years old and had a suspicion of maybe ghosts or residual energies. Is there a way for me to research the history of the house to see what happened here?

I'm sure an old school detective would know who to call but I live in the age of the Internet. Perhaps there are websites? How would you look up old news stories? I remember being able to access newspapers at the library but not sure if they still do that. I'm pretty sure the system would have been upgraded somehow. This is a house in Portland in a district that should have some history recorded about it. I don't want people stalking me so I'll just say NE Portland. Is there a Portland registry that keeps track of these things?

What I would like to see is a way to define your search so you could find stories about your neighborhood and see if any weird things happened there or in your house. Like murders or just general dead people.

I could also ask my housemate who owns the home but she is gone currently. I have a suspicion there is more to know but she just has not told me and I have been afraid to ask. Now I am curious if there is a way for me to find out on my own and get some more juicy details on this place. I have also been freaked out here by myself that's when things get weird. Someday someone needs to dig up the dirt in the unfinished basement. Seriously.. what is under that plastic? I think I'm just getting really paranoid.. who knows.

So how do you find out the history of your house?

Any ideas people?
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anybody know what happened this afternoon and evening at 60thish and division? we had a ton of traffic coming down our street, including buses, and division was blocked off for a few hours at least...