December 31st, 2009


Really Valve, Really?

When I first plays Left 4 Dead, I fell in love. It was just about everything I had ever hoped for in a FPS. I got pretty good, though usually didn't fare too well on Advanced, and could never beat a campaign on expert, but overall, I wasn't terrible. I always did awesome on Normal.

When Left 4 Dead 2 was announced, I was excited (though disappointed that they didn't just put up DLC for L4D1). When the demo was released, my BF and I played it and thought, "this is gonna be awesome!" Oh how wrong we were...

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Drunk On New Year’s Eve? A Helpful Reminder

(just read this on the wweek website and thought i would put it here for you all)

As you gear up for New Year’s Eve, a helpful reminder to our reminder from last week: All rides on TriMet’s MAX and buses will be free beginning at 8 pm on Thursday, Dec. 31. The MAX Blue, Green and Yellow lines will also provide extra late-night service on New Year’s Eve, running every 30 minutes until about 3 am.
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Hello Portland.

Happy blue moon!

I know I'm pretty late in the game, that this topic may have been exhausted. I've
been put in charge of finding something to do tonight. I'm newish to town and unaware. Ok experts, any affordable SE Portland New Years experiences that you can recommend? The less absurdly large the better. I just want to be in a dress somewhere awesome, drinking drinks with pals and good folks.

Thank you, have a safe night!
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Credit Union reccos?

One of the things I would like to do early in 2010 is move my account to a local credit union. I am turning to you, The Damned, for recommendations for great credit unions.

I live in Multnomah County and am currently enrolled at PSU, so I know I'm able to join Unitas, First Tech, OnPoint. Any others I should consider?

The most important thing I'm looking for online bill pay that is reliable and easy to use. At present, I write checks by hand about twice a year, and I'd like to keep it that way.

So, any suggestions? Do any of you DPers do your banking at a credit union you just love? Thanks in advance.

Is Gentrification Ever Good?

A recent posting concerning Detroit had me thinking about gentrification.

The term used to leave a foul taste in my mouth but when a great city is beyond crumbling but on the verge of collapse perhaps a healthy dose of gentrification is necessary to save what's left.

The NY Times ran an interesting article concerning gentrification in Portland.

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Auto Insurance

I need to switch auto insurance. The company I've been with seemingly charges $20 more per month than other big name competitors.

I drive an early '90s pick-up. I have one or two speeding tickets on my record, depending on if the oldest one has fallen off yet or not, of which I'm unsure. Nothing else dots my record.

I'm looking for recommendations for very minimum insurance, maybe just above legal requirements.

Please base your recommendations on your experience with an agency during the resolution of an actual collision, and include whether it was determined to be your fault or not and how that played out.

I don't expect to have an accident be my fault, but I'm not closed off to the fact that I'm human and make mistakes. Therefore, I'd like to read stories about people who were in accidents and it was their fault, but they had reasonably positive experiences anyway given the circumstance.

I've only been in one accident that was not my fault and my insurance company screwed me for $750. I'd like to not repeat that again.




Anyone going to Alberta Street Pub for the Chervona thing tonight (that might also want to give me a ride?) Or somewhere in that general direction?

If you're going to the Chervona thing tonight, I will get you in for free ($10 cover). I would need to be there at 8:45pm, no later.

I am in the West Hills, and can make myself be anywhere downtown.

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2009 No Life Club: The Finale

Okay, really. You folks are breathing. Hopefully, if the Swine Flu has tapped it's little hooves on your door, you only wish you won't survive. Things may be blink on the job-front, but you've at least got the snarky support of your invisible on line friends here at DP. It's not that you don't have a life; it's that you're life may not always be the TV-portrayal of what Your Life Is Supposed To Be.

Traditional New Years Eve from my youth was making what my brother called "cannibal sandwiches" (shudder), watching TV with my siblings, drinking cola until we were wired enough to stay up til midnight and maybe playing some cards.

As a young adult (ie, 18-25), I had a few "dance all night" NYE, but also had a few "in bed by 10 cause really, it's just another night" and some "gather with friends until midnight, then be home by 1am". These days, I alternate between the last two. But it's still a life, and it's an evening I choose.

So what are you choosing to do this evening, besides taking down the old LOLCATS calendar and putting up the new LOLRUS calendar? And of course, not driving if you're drinking, because I want you all here on DP-life club by noon tomorrow. 3pm at the latest.