December 30th, 2009


A great ride for #snowpocalypse09 :)

Well yesterday was pretty crazy.  My wife left Salem at 4pm, and arrived home in portland at 10pm.  Even Mayor Sam Adams was online doing crisis dispatch.

I have a great snow ride posted on ebay,  It's my first and so far only ebay listing and it ends in about 4 hours.  Check it out if you need a good ride for this weather.

I also posted some video on my youtube from lastnight in the snow, and the WRXs with snow on them.

Lets see your video and pictures too.

And if I don't see you until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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long due positivity

Yaddayaddayadda it's been forever whatever.

1. Tell me a story about fun you had in the snow, once. I'll even just take "extreme and/or unexpected weather patterns". Tell me about how weather made your day awesome soemtime.

2. Tell me two positive things that have happened to you in the last week (or month, since it's been forever)... no matter how small. :)

anddddddddddddddd go!

Grad School Schmad School

Hey y'all. It's nearly officially 2010 and I'm not a doctor of anything...gotta do something about that. At least become a master of some discipline. (Permit me to comment-anticipate here: No, I don't mean, you know, bungholes...competition there is fierce. I'd rather try for vet school.)

My question to the Deeps is this: what if none of my former profs remember my schmucky face? I went to school, got my B's, got my degree. Stayed pretty quiet, said the ocassional dumb thing, turned in papers semi-on time, etc. In and out in three years. Now, I want to apply to grad school, but quite a few of the applications ask for a professor's recommendation.

Assuming you give a shit for 45 seconds, do I write the ones I got A's from, "jog their memory" (i.e. tell them who I am and hope they'll shrug and go along with it) and hope for the best? Take a class at PCC/PSU and establish hella rapport with the instructor so he'll write specific laudatory things about me and sign off on it? Go down to the Delta Café and ask someone wearing tweed to make up a story about me inventing the first monkey with three asses and pass him a twenty?

What are your tots? Naturally, I'm especially interested in arson.
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Candy Canes!

I need to know where in PDX or Vancouver I can find fruit flavored candy canes. You know like blue raspberry and such.

Anybody seeing them still? Please tell me I'm not too late!
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The Heat Isn't On

Anyone have oil heat?  Who do you use to refill your tank and/or service your furnace?

We just moved into a house with oil heat, and despite the fact that the gauge on the tank appears to be between 1/8 and 1/4, it's not kicking on.  I've never had oil heat before so I'm not sure if the gauge is just off or if it's common knowledge to refill before it gets that low...or if the furnace is just on strike.  Anyway, any recommendations/companies to avoid would be much appreciated!  We'd like to have heat to ring in the new year.

(And yes, I already googled; just looking for personal recs.)

New Years

Ideas people? What's going on? Anything fun and weird?

I'm so over hanging out at busy bars with drunks and paying a covercharge to spend hours trying to get my overpriced, watery drinks. Not cool..

Come on Portland.. you gotta have something cool happening.