December 28th, 2009

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Animal Control?

Oh, wise, wonderful and wooly DPers, I have a question.

This past summer, one of the vertical boards on my front porch's staircase warped in the heat and would not stay on, so I removed it.  Because of other crying, spitting-up and diaper-filling commitments, finding the time to get a new, less warp-likely piece of wood and attaching it was not something I prioritized. Now I'm worried that I may have left open a path of ingress for unwelcome residents.

Yesterday, my dog started really sniffing around the porch, hackles up, and last night, after second-baby-put-down, I looked out the window on a whim, and sure enough, saw a HUUUUUGE racoon patrolling the porch.  Tried to take a picture, but with the settings I had, the camera couldn't figure out the focus through the window :(.

Anyway, the raccoon trundled off, so I'm not sure it lives under the porch, but before I wall it off again, I want to be sure there's nobody down there.  So I've got two questions:

1- Does PDX have an animal control department which would look into this?  City departments tend to like to capture and release, which is preferable to a private company, which'll just want to exterminate the little guy and his brood.

2- In the mean time, does anyone have any recommendations for verifying whether or not there's anyone living down there?   I thought about getting down and looking in with a flashlight, but I pictured a scared, cornered raccoon bolting out at about 185,000 mps (can't go quite the speed of light) and destroying my face, my beautiful, beautiful face.  Any other ideas would be welcome.


Vegan Crepes

I'm tending after my nephew who is autistic. His mother has him on a vegan diet. She left several recipes for foods he enjoys in his caregivers binder.

This morning I tried out the crepes and they were very tasty.

In a bowl, blend 1/2 cup of a soy milk, 1/2 of a cup of water, 1/4 cup of vegan margarine, 1 tablespoon of raw sugar, 2 tablespoons of hazelnut syrup, 1 cup of flour and a pinch of salt. Next is the most important step, allow the mixture to chill for at least 2 hours otherwise they will stick to the pan.
Pour chilled batter on a lightly greased pan, swirl until the pan bottom is covered. Flip after a minute and cook the other side. That's it! Eat and enjoy!

I spread nutella on mine but my nephew had his plain.
Nikon D200

FREE Pioneer 51" bigscreen TV!

1995 Pioneer 51" television for FREE!

TV powers on but will only stay online for about 10 minutes. Color scheme is wonky as well...possible convergence board issue.

Could be a relatively easy fix for someone who has the time and is willing to have fixed.


Turn it into an art project!

Just come and get it out of our townhouse.

You carry haul away!

Here's the CL post:

Ask for Dustin : 503-780-1262
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Car donation query:

So I have a friend whos moving and wants to donate his car to charity. Sounds great, right?

Well, here's where the complication arises. The car is registered in Washington State, and
he has not the time to go to Vancouver and reprint a lost title. The car isn't stolen, its
registered in his name.

Do you folks know of a charity in town that dosen't care so much about the lack of title?

I could have sworn I saw that some branch of the veteran's association would take it with or
without the title, but of course, I didn't bookmark that page, and now can't find it for the
life of me.

Thanks in advance!
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Any ideas on where I could get a telescope? Anywhere in the Portland area is fine, and I'm not looking for anything fancy - just a simple refracting telescope is fine, but not a tabletop kind. I'm going to check the OMSI store tonight after work but I didn't find anything on their website.

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Meeting new people

Hello all. I grew up in the suburbs of Portland, but go to school in Eugene. Most of my friends in the Portland area have moved or we've lost touch, so when I go back home to visit my family, I don't often have anyone to hang out with. Usually it's only for a short time, but I'm taking some time off school and will be here for at least a month and a half (not working) before I begin a job in another state.

Any tips for good, safe places to meet new people? I live in Beaverton, but I like having an excuse to go downtown. I'm interested in arts, crafts and design. I also like board games, and have considered starting a Scrabble group. Anyone know if something like this exists? Basically I'm looking for any suggestions for good new things to do. I'm getting kind of bored.
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PDX Wait Times...

I fly out of PDX tomorrow evening, has anyone flown since these new BS security standards? Are the wait times significantly increased? I'm trying to decide if I should cancel a doctor's appointment tomorrow to allow for a three hour pre-arrival or if two hours will work.
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First Time Home Buying

I searched through the tags but didn't see too much regarding buying homes.

Would anyone like to share their experiences buying a home for the first time in Portland? I'm more interested in information and resources that are targeted at first time homebuyers, such as down-payment/closing cost assistance, grants, experiences purchasing foreclosed homes, etc. I've poked around PDC's website as well as a few others, like Acorn, that offer assistance.