December 27th, 2009

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So what the hell is up with LJ and making long posts almost impossible? I was trying to type up something rather long and the sidebar on the posting box kept moving me up to near the top of the post, making it impossible for me to see what I was actually typing. Eventually, in order to add a link to it, I had to copy the entire post to Notepad and then copy the edited post back into the box. The whole thing was flailing around like a hooked marlin.

I'm using HTML if that changes anything. But it never used to do this.
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Hi DPers -

I received a yoga DVD for Christmas that's great... except that I already have a copy.   I'd asked for another, admittedly similarly named one.  The DVD's still in its wrap, in salable condition, but I would need the receipt to return it and the giver isn't the sort of person who'd have kept it.  Craigslist is an obvious option, but is there anywhere else I might sell it and get back most of the purchase price? 

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Plumber recommendations?

Anyone have a plumber they have been happy with. I am hoping to call for early monday morning and have someone out by the end of the day to deal with a minor emergency. (downstairs bathroom shower isn't draining and water keeps leaking out onto the floor.) Any recommendations? We live in nopo but I imagine these guys are willing to travel :)

Wedding ideas...

I got engaged this week, now i'm on the look for ceremony/reception places at a reasonable cost. Does anyone have any ideas? The wedding will be in October so inside is preferred and under $2000 total and able to hold at least 75 people. :) My google skills are not working to great on this one lol
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This is exactly the kind of day they need on the Portland Visitor's Bureau brochure. Gray. Leaden. Cold and windy.

I was wondering what Portland's tourism slogan should be.

"Come for the rain, stay for the hipsters!"
"Haiti has voodoo, but Portland has donuts!"

I dunno. Your turn.


I would like to buy my mom an ipod.

-under $50
-Must have a screen (so no shuffles)
-size, color, etc don't really matter

Did anyone get an ipod touch or iphone this Christmas and needs to get rid of their old one? I see some on Craigslist, but I thought I would ask DP.

iTunes and Gift Cards

So I got a gift card for iTunes this week and redeemed it, now leaving 25+ bucks on my iTunes account. I'm trying to get an album, but every time I click on buy, it says I need to update my billing info. I have made sure all the info is correct. I've also logged in at the My Info page at Apple and done the same. 

Every time it still does this though. It cycles back through the same windows, asking me to log in then to verify billing info, over and over. I don't want to put in my card information, and in the past, never had to. Is there something I'm missing? Is anyone else having this problem? 

I looked around but the only information I found was for people having issues in canada and with buying apps, neither of which apply to me. Help! :) 


EDIT: figured it out. Apparently I'd forgotten to authorize my new lap top!
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I'm in need of help. I thought I had maybe bookmarked or saved in my memories a post from damnportlanders. It was about someone asking for low cost accounting help and/or how to do your taxes as an independent contractor. I am nearly positive it was posed AFTER the 19th of November because this entry got me to apply for the Oregon Tax Amnesty and I am nearly positive I saw the post I'm looking for after this one.

So, if you know the post I'm talking about please post a link. I've gone through all the posts from the last week of November and even a five days before the 19th looking for the entry, but I'm not finding it. I'm also almost positive that it happened around Thanksgiving because I may have read it while I was away and thought I'd come back to it later.

Did you make that post, did you delete it? Or, if you were the commenter that mentioned offering help to independent contractors for figuring out how to do their tax returns please leave a comment or send me a message. Or in general if you know some place that is low-cost and can help me sort out my returns for my tax amnesty stuff (because I've got lots of records), comment away.

It'd be really awesome if we're going to have tags in our community that recent posts actually get tagged.