December 25th, 2009

bernard drinkercize

anything open on December 25th?

All-knowing deeps,

If you could, help me compile a list of stores and such that will be open on Christmas, as currently I'm at a loss-- but perhaps my despair will help others!

In particular, early tomorrow I was hoping to swing by a grocery store for some beverages, but it seems like everything in my (close-in NE) neighborhood is going to be closed-- The Frederick Meyer, Safeway, New Seasons, Target, et al. Is anything larger than a 7-11 going to be completely shut down? I've done a lot of searching online and calling stores, but before I resort to calling every store in the Portland area for their hours, I'm hoping some people have the inside neighborhood scoop. I'm feeling that I've got to be missing some that might be open just further afield and I'm certainly willing to travel within reasonable (20-30 minutes away, max) distance.

(Oh how I curse my roommate for drinking the cheap bubbly I was going to bring to brunch tomorrow, as now it seems nearly irreplaceable when I need it-- blah!)

Thanks guys and merry something something of your choice!

"name your own price" question

Any of you ever used the Priceline 'name your own price' dealyo?

Pros? Cons? Summaries of your experiences?

It sounds all well and good to put down a stupidly low price for a ticket and ideally getting that price, I'm just a bit wary of getting screwed and flown across the country and back just to get to Vegas.

Edited: they're fixed ok? can we move along?