December 23rd, 2009

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Peacock Lane

Hello DP!

We were thinking of going to Peacock Lane to soak in some festivity. I was wondering if anybody knew the cost associated with taking the horse drawn carriage down the lane? I thought it would be something utterly romantic for my fiance and me to do. :)

Thanks ahead of time!
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Oh wise DP, can anyone tell me good places to go to find geeky toddler clothing of the old school video game variety? Bonus points for Pacman or Atari! I'd like to be able to find something extra rad for my nephew for Christmas, since he is already spoiled with toys.

Free the Trees!

I've heard this rumor about free trees on Christmas eve--basically, that the tree lots will just give them away because who's going to buy a tree after that, anyway?

I've never paid much attention to tree lots on 12/24 because I've never been in the market for a tree then, but since we just moved last week, our new place is totally devoid of any holiday decorations, and I think it'd be fun to get a tree to decorate tomorrow night. 

So...anyone know if this free-tree business is fact or fiction?  Even better, know a lot that might do this (in NE out by 82nd would be awesome, but we have a vehicle so location isn't huge)? 

Happy Festivus!
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Bar for Christmas Eve?

Is there a good, fun bar/brewpub type place that will be open (and maybe doing fun activities) on Christmas Eve? My brother and I are the only two non-Christians in the family, and we are looking to go out and do something fun while the rest of the family is at services in the evening.
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Yes this is kinda super last minute -- but anyone know where I can still get a half dozen to a dozen Christmas tamales for some Christmas Eve festivities?

I'm in NoPo without a car so the closer the better!
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New dinner place recommendations

My birthday is coming up, and I've invited a bunch of friends to join me for dinner. I live in Sellwood and have my favorite restaurants in my 'hood: Iron Horse, Limelight, The Delta Cafe.

But I'd like to try someplace new! And so I turn to the Damned.

What's a good place that's casual, not too spendy, good for a decent-sized group of people (say, around 8-10 folks), and isn't loud enough to crush conversation?

None of my friends are vegetarian or vegan, nor have any other foody restrictions.

Thanks in advance, as they say.
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So, I want to query the pulpy mass that is the DP mass mind.

Regardless of what you thought of Avatar ... Unobtainium? WTF was that about!?

Reminder: I don't care what you thought of the movie (white guilt/zomg I found a flaw in the science/etc), I want to know why the fuck he named the unobtainable mineral Unobtainium.