December 22nd, 2009


Need a place for last minute gifts? or a gift for yourself?

Go visit St. John's Booksellers:

Nena, the owner, has seen a much greater dip in sales than anticipated and is now worried about paying her bills. She, and her whole family, are great, locally-supportive people and I hate to see her lose the store or worse. So, if you you need to buy some gifts for you, your friends, your loved ones, whomever - and don't mind the extra 10 minute drive or bus out to St. Johns, or you live in the neighborhood already, please go visit! They have lots of used books, as well as new stuff, including calendars and cards. Or you can order online or call and have stuff shipped to you!

*I am not affiliated with the store in any financial way - but I am a friend of Nena and her family and I live in St. Johns. She didn't ask me to do this, I wanted to do something to promote the store.

I like turtles.

Shelters in town that have turtles or tortoises? Or other ways to acquire one that don't involve paying a breeder or pet store?

This is for a friend who just wants a cheap turtle, and will have one shipped from a breeder in Florida unless I find something else before she does so.

I used to be involved with NWHKA and would ask them whether they have any who need adopting, but that was a long time ago and I don't seem to have any contact info anymore... and the local chapter apparently does not have a website. I'm having trouble finding rescue groups in town that do turtles.
Today is GOOD


Apparently it's the holidays, so I apologize for not posting more frequently about this!

Tonight 7pm at McMenamin's Tavern and Pool on NW 23rd

1716 Northwest 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR

come join the few of us who are planning to attend tonight!

As always, minors until 10pm!

I'll even have some lemon bars for those who show up!!!

P.S. reservation is under Ash in the off chance I don't show up before 7pm, I blame the traffic if that is the case!
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What can you tell me about Sauce Box Happy hour?

Or any other happy hour you just LOOOOVE

I already do Mcmenamins, HUB, Henry's, Portland City Grill, Salvador Molly's and Seasons and Regions....

Also... what time is Henry's Happy hour in the day?

I will let you all know how it is

*2nd Edit*

so I went. It was awesome. We both had the $5 speciality cocktail which was a twist on the manhattan.

What we really go for is the food though. The prices were $1-5. The $1 choices were Edamame (I ordered this and the bowl was HUGE),some miso soup or some peanut sauce noodles. The Two dollar choices were a couple spring rolls and fries.

Ok I guess I can't remember everything.

We had this crazy fantastic Udon? Noodles with pulled pork for $3 it was AMAZING!
Sweet Potatoe spring rolls were good $3
Veggie Spring rolls with mango/Tofu $2 yummmm

They also had some NICE selection of burgers for $4

It was awesome I WILL be back SOON
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Shots fired

Shots fired at 20th & Hawthorne. Police have the street roped off and are marking evidence on the street. :(

Be safe tonight, everyone.

ETA: About an hour after the shooting (8:31 p.m.), the police are now photographing the area. They are outside the garage entrance to The 20 on Hawthorne.

Hawthorne is open again. 20th is still blocked from Hawthorne to Market as of 8:35 p.m.

The streets are cleared now.
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Looks like Joel Przybilla's out for the season with a ruptured tendon in his knee.

Seriously? We were down to 10 usable players as it was. We need a center. Can we get a break (no pun intended) on the injuries here, please?