December 21st, 2009


Question for you, DP

Ok, so you're at the movie theater, and you're the type of person who can't sit through an entire movie without having to get up and go pee or whatever. You know you're this type of person, because you have to know it.

Is it too much for me to expect you to sit on the aisle, where you won't bother those of us who can sit through an entire movie? And if you don't sit on the aisle, do I have the right to be annoyed when you're wandering back and forth through the row in front of me at a critical moment in the movie?

A parallel question: if the person wandering around the row is a child, do the parents have the responsibility to sit that child on the aisle?

Am I just being a dick?


Snark welcome.
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Moai Gifts

Hey There,

Anyone know where I can find some sort of Easter Island head in the city? I'd prefer it be a statue no more than 12" tall, but at this point I'll take anything.


(no subject)

Is there anyone willing to give me a ride to the airport tomorrow morning (12/22/09) to get there by 615am?
If I take the Max I have to get on the bus at 445AM and I didn't knwo there was such a time that early =)
Breakfast or gas money will be given in return.
I live in Beaverton (Farmington/Murray)
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Server jobs?

Does anyone here work in a restaurant that could use another server but hasn't actually advertised an opening yet? I figure my chances are much better if I happen to show up and slip in an application during that window of opportunity...

Thanks for your time, either way!


My Dad has managed to completely gross me out and has requested Blutwurst with barley for Christmas dinner. I've already checked with Edelweiss, Gartner's and Original Bavarian Sausage in Tigard and haven't been able to find the nastywurst WITH barley. Does anybody have any other suggestions beyond the usual suspects for such a disgusting delight? Or should I just get a mess of jaegerwurst and tell him to deal?


eta: Tracked it down in the form of Buckwheat Kiszka at Victor's European Meat Market in Tigard. I am both relieved and nauseated to have found it.


I have an ipod touch now! What are useful app's for me to acquire(free please?). ANNNND IS there any that you would recommend for local info like trimet or dining? Your help is mucho appreciated.


cheap excellent quick gifts

this fudge is wonderful (I use the best dark chocolate chips I can find, always 75% chocolate or better) and I have had rave reviews for years with it. It costs less than $3 to make if buying at WINCO and uses a microwave, a microwavable container (round shape is good to use mixer in), a hand mixer and something for the chocolate to set up in.

Absurdly Easy Chocolate Fudge (makes 16 2-in. squares)
16 oz. (450 g) chocolate chips
4 Tbs. (57 g) butter
14 oz. (396 g) can sweetened condensed milk
combine ingredients in a microwavable container;melt in microwave;mix (use hand mixer for best results) until it starts to thicken (I add vanilla flavoring at this point and add nuts, mini marshmallows or whatever you like at this point;pour into pan and chill in frig to set

Sometimes I will add a layer of peanut butter fudge on top of the chocolate fudge for a really great candy, use peanut butter chips and make the same recipe and either eat solo or add to the top of chocolate fudge.
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hey cocktail crowd


Trying to find a bar tool set for a Christmas gift. You know, kinda like this:

I'm checking the places you'd usually expect to find something like this (i.e., Crate & Barrel, kitchen gadget places, etc.), but the stuff I'm finding has a lot more emphasis on appearance than function.

My question is if anyone knows of a restaurant/bar supply store or something, that is open to the public, where I might find a set that is more utilitarian (and thus perhaps more solidly built) than the other options.

Thanks a ton!
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Message to lokitwospirit

Hey cascadianrain, your privacy settings are such that I cannot message you, and I don't have an email address, which is what I need to send you the info you requested.

Rest of DP, sorry for spamming you. Please, to make it up to you, I give a topic to snark on:

Green m&m's.

See what you can do with it.
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yard waste options

So, if you don't have yard waste removal as part of your waste management services, are there other things you can legally and responsibly do to get rid of any waste you have from your yard? (I don't want to put it in my neighbor's yard or send it to the landfill. I assume it doesn't just get put in the landfill when I put it in the yardwaste container, right?)

ETA: wow, really? Is my best option to buy a chipper and start selling mulch?

In other news, I am appreciating our mild weather and that we are not currently experiencing snowpocalypse 2009. It was pretty, but, yeah.
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I have decided to get into coupons and have been learning a lot about how to do so.. but it seems the best coupon inserts (SmartSource and RedPlum) come with the Sunday newspaper. I don't take a newspaper and it seems silly to buy one just for the ads that most people don't even read.

Anybody know if these inserts are available for free anywhere?

Or is anybody near Rose City Park that takes the paper open to leaving the Sunday circulars on your porch for me to pick up weekly?

Thanks buds.

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Google is failing me, so I am appealing to the collective knowledge of damnportlanders.

I'm trying to do a clean OS install on my roommate's virus riddled machine, but I cannot get the freaking CD to boot. She's got two DVD drives, tried them both and get the same error (your basic can't boot, press F1 to try again). I set the BIOS to boot from the disc, same error.

I've tested it on another machine, the CD is fine (and it is a legitimate copy, not from a torrent), but I can't get to the press any key to boot message. Any ideas on where to go from here?

It currently has XP, but I'm installing 7. Specs are fine, not my first time installing 7, shouldn't be an issue.