December 19th, 2009


So I have this old old picture.

It was probably taken around 1974. It's on the larger side, probably around 54" square.

It retains a lot of sentimental value for both me and my mother. However, since it is old, it's very brittle. There are several large rips in the picture, and some noticeable damage to the image.

What I'm sort of hoping to do is two things.

1. have the image digitalized, so I can hopefully have the image restored, and give my mom a nice surprise for her birthday. Please note, I'm not looking for someone to restore the picture, only help me get it scanned in.

2. get the damned thing framed or matted or something, so it can be hung up again.

All truth be told, I'm not even sure where to begin looking for a place that does that. Do you guys have any suggestions?


***** EDIT ***** SUNDAY ALSO !!!!

Hey yo!

So my house is clearing out this month and we have a bunch of lovely things we don't need or want or stuff we think you should have.

The list includes some furniture like a turn of the century white hospital bed, some chairs, some lamps, some end tables... odds and ends mostly, vintage playboys, vintage toys, star wars stuff, a couple cute belts and hats a Buster Bros upright arcade game... you know, all kinds of stuff!

You should come take a looksie and see what we got!

101 NE 53RD Ave
Portland Oregon 97213

that's the corner of NE 53rd and Couch.

Don't mind the yappy dog, he didn't get a good nights sleep :}

EDIT: Sunday open from 9am-2pm and we still have pretty much all the larger items you asked about yesterday!

I am probably willing to go down on prices if you come in person and check it out- I kind of have to get these big pieces out of here this week!!



I forgot to mention the complete nintendo and super nintendo complete with games and controllers ...

records, cds, dvds, books, and VHS

a big vintage trunk !

star wars toys, handmade accessories, girls vintage clothing, cameras, shoes, bags, sweaters, $1 box clothes...
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Where to get pepper spray?


I'm looking to buy some pepper spray to use in case of dog attacks on an upcoming bike trip. Anyone know where to buy it in Portland (if they're open on weekends, it's a plus)? The Google was not helpful.


ETA: Some people recommended Cuffs N Stuff, however, they appear to be closed (their domain has expired and their phone number is disconnected) :-(
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If you were among the carolers on MAX last night, I want to say thank you. My hubby and I were headed back from a much needed date night, and the cookies and cheerful Christmas carols really made us smile!
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Because I know you're bored AND have great taste...

Hey, the fabulous inkytwist has been kind enough to set me up to show some photos at her place of bidness. I need to pick 8. I've never done anything like this before, and I am having a tough time figuring out what to put up.

If you're as bored as I think you are (ha!), could you go take a look at this slideshow and tell me if one or two really stand out for you?

Awesome! Thanks!