December 16th, 2009

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Last Minute Moving Help

I have heard that it's possible to hire moving help on Craigslist. Does anyone have experience or advice on how to do this? I'm only moving a couple of blocks away. But lord knows I can't move it all by myself, esp furniture. The only time that I've ever used professional movers was for a long distance move that was planned months in advance... rather than days. So, how do I avoid the horror stories & unnecessary stress at this point?

I don't need a lot of frills.... I have lots of boxes, but not much furniture & will have things packed myself. The only thing I really need is a truck, someone to drive it & some muscle to get it from place to place. Thanks in advance DP!


I'll be living in Portland as of... tomorrow. I've gotten a place downtown. I was wondering if you guys could suggest the following types of places that are good, affordable, and in or around downtown.

- Places to get a haircut (nothing expensive)
- Neat places to buy clothes (not places like Nordstrom, Macy's, Target and things of that nature... something more interesting or alternative?)
- Anywhere I can get a warm and attractive winter coat

Also, I want to get my sister something for Christmas. It could be anything really, but I'd really like to get her something that is Portland-y. We come from a small town and she hasn't seen many big cities, let alone lived in one, so I want to get her something that you can't get where she lives. Could be ANYTHING because I really have no idea what I want to get her. Know any good places to shop?


I'm looking for soap-ish and body product making supplies, like shea butter and candelila wax; I know New Season's, etc, has stuff like that, but they tend to be expensive, and the shea butter I've purchased before from them smelled rancid, so I'm wary. Anyway, is there anywhere locally to buy this stuff, besides a chain store? I know I can get these things on The Internet, but if there's some kind of special, magical store that sells these things here in town, I would love to know where. I bought lye a few years ago from a supplier down in Clackamas, but I can't remember the name of it.

If you can help me, I'd truly appreciate it.

oooh, also looking for bulk Epsom salts, but not the kind from Walgreens. Anyone got a lead on that?


Resturants open on Xmas?

Dear Darned Portlanders - My wife and I decided that Thanksgiving was enough holiday cooking so we're looking to take our moms out to eat on Xmas - Google has so far failed us, so can anyone recommend restaurants that are open that day? In the Beav or Portland (only one we know of so far is Chevy's)


Zipcar deal!

Today's Groupon deal is $35 for a one year Zipcar membership + $50 driving credit. If you have been wanting to join Zipcar but are weary of the sign up costs, now's your chance. I'm not sure if you have to join Groupon first to see the deal. Plus, maybe apply my referral code arauradq and get an extra $25 credit when you join Zipcar.

crunch, er, chop time

i've got an interview next week, and need a haircut like effin' crazy. i'm wavering between do rad cuts & color on 38th & lincoln and primp salon on 43rd & division. if you've patronized either of these establishments, what was your experience like, and would you recommend a particular stylist there? please & thanks A TON.

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Praise for, I believe, The New Lompoc.
Now, I could be wrong about the name of the place so if someone recognizes I have the wrong name please correct me. It's a tavern-type bar on 23rd pretty close to McMenamin's. I went there a couplefew months ago with just a short period to get some food before the Public Playhouse's Lehrer show Tomfoolery (which was pretty awesome itself) and ended up here since it was close. We ordered the special, which was a shepherd's pie, and it was excellent. Shepherd's pie is really easy to get wrong, and when it's not right I generally find it barely palatable at best. Their specialty drinks looked really appealing but they were in the process of switching from their summer to their winter menu so most of the stuff we were interested in was not available, sadly. I will definitely try this place again in the future when I'm in the area.

It's wet, I'm cold--shopping tips?

Hi all! I've recently moved into an apartment and no longer have a car, and I'm being slapped in the face with the reality of winter in Portland :) I didn't realize how spoiled I was until I had to spend much of yesterday walking around town in a pair of boots I'd formerly thought of as "water-proof" and a coat I'd considered "warm," only to wind up soaked, freezing, and grumpy after a very short time! So, in the spirit of becoming a true Portlander, I need to acquire some good cold-weather/rain gear for as cheap as possible. Before I start making my merry, wet-footed way around to the various thrift stores and such in town, does anyone have any recommendations on where the best place(s) would be to find good, cheap, warm clothes (specifically some hoodies, a rain jacket, hats, gloves, scarves, and possibly some thermal undergarments)? Thank you in advance!
Bike Naked!

How to avoid the crass commercialization of the "holidays"

Herewith be a partially tongue-in-cheek method of avoiding Christmas etc. overload:

*Don't work retail

*Don't watch television

*Don't listen to the radio

*Don't go shopping, especially in malls or big-box stores

It's amazing how much less stressful the month of December is now that all those things apply. Yes, I realize some people have to work retail--I did it for years. Yes, I realize I live in a cave. Right now? That's totally fine with me. We have a lovely tree in the living room and I only listen to Christmas music when I want to. So nice and relaxing!
Travel Hopefully

PDX Parking

I am flying out of PDX on Friday morning and returning Sunday afternoon. I normally just stay with friends and park at their house, but Sunday I need to get back home as quickly as possible.

$24/day at the airport lot is a little cost-prohibitive. Which private lot is going to be best for getting me back to my car quickly on a Sunday afternoon?


Crafts store, fabric dye

I'm looking for a place in SE or Downtown that sells fabric dye. Could I get some at a place like Fred Meyer or should I go to a crafts store? Also, any recommendations for a specific brand of good quality dye? I want to dye light-colored (93% cotton/7% elastane) fabric black.

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So.. this is like.. pretty amazing to me.

On the Opie & Anthony show when they brought this guy on they had no idea he could sing. It was just going to be a radio bit promoting their upcoming “homeless shopping spree.” During the interview it came up that he has written some songs and could play guitar. So they went and got the man a guitar (he did not own one himself) and he proceeded to shock the hell out of everyone.

NSFW: Language
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There are links off this video to the actual O&A studio set where he played this. I hope this helps the guy in some way. Fuck American Idol. This guy has real emotion in his voice.
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I'm tired of Resers/Winco/Mass-processed tortillas, and haunted by tantalizing visions of fresh tortillas that my friend in Arizona buys in a little local mercado.

Where does a DamnHungryperson get fresh tortillas? Eastside locations win bonus points.

And... And... happy holidays!!
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Cheap Meat

So -

I rather like the cheaper cuts of beef, lamb, poultry (and goat, if it's around) etc (not so much on the organs though) and the stores around here either sell things like oxtail as if it were gold or don't carry it at all.

Is there a butcher/butcher shop - open to the public (as opposed to resturant wholesale) that offers meat affordably? I'm not looking so much for the yuppie focused places but the old style white linoleium butcher shops. Also - on the bus or max line since I don't own a car.

Anything like that out there?