December 15th, 2009

Anime and Movies and Console Games

My friends' boyfriend just broke up with her so since she has been couch surfing she is selling all her DVDs and Video games to make moving a bit more easier.
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Just message me if you are interested.
If you are interested and want them shipped to you add $2 to each one.
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ive gotta know!

a few months back while driving down stark, outside the unity church of portland between 44th and 45th, there were people in costumes. but not just any costumes, venture bros. costumes. i saw someone dressed as dr. girlfriend, my girlfriend swore she saw someone dressed baron underbheit. does anybody know what was going on? there may have also been cameras.
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'tis the season of spending money

my mom is a chocolate fanatic. i'm looking to get her some really good dark, dark chocolate (88% cacao or higher), locally made if possible. it can be plain or with fruit or spices added (spicy is a plus!). can any of you lovelies point me in the right direction? i'll buy online if necessary, and while southeast is preferred, i'll drive anywhere for some kick-ass chocolate.

thanks, y'all.
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Driving from Portland to Spokane

This may seem like a really stupid question.. I mean really, how hard is it to drive from Portland to Spokane? I've done it hundreds of times myself. But, I'm more curious about WINTER driving.

With the recent random closures of spots of I-84, we're researching alternative routes. I have a Subaru Tribeca (AWD yay!) and chains so I'm not afraid to drive in it, I just don't want to get stuck on the way there or way back. We'll be going next week!

Has anyone done a route other than I-84 to 395 through the Tri-Cities to I-90 before? That's the only way I've ever gone.

I know we could go up I-5 to Seattle and then take I-90 all the way over the pass, but I imagine the pass might be more difficult than I-84!

I also found this route - I-84 to Hwy 97 up into Washington through Yakima and meet up with I-90.. (see picture behind cut)

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I'm probably being WAY over paranoid about this, but I really don't want to get stuck at some random truck stop while waiting for the roads to open, ya know? :)

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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Is anyone here an intermediate to professional juggler?

A good friend is buying some clubs for her husband, and I was hoping to narrow things down a bit before we start our search. Specifically: brand suggestions? weight? single body vs wood core?

I realize that weight will vary by juggler, but i'm looking for something middle of the road. The man in question is physically fit, with good arm and hand strength.

We are only looking for clubs, as he has other equipment to juggle already (and we can't simply check it out for a brand name since he made it himself.)

Thanks in advance, damnjugglers.
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December Meetup?

I know some of us are having a very staycation Christmas 09' so if anyone would like to do a friendly meetup next tuesday, I am going to call McMenamin's Tavern & Pool to set one up! Is anyone interested? Am I the only one going to still be in Portland next week?

as we get ready to visit for the holidays, do you know anyone like this?

1. Buttering You Up: To get their way, manipulators will often make you feel good so that they can then ask you to do something that they want. The person may first compliment you or tell you what a wonderful job you did on something. Making you feel good will, in their mind, make it difficult for you to say no…after all, you wouldn’t want to disappoint them or give them reason to think you didn’t deserve the compliment in the first place. What you can do: Return the compliments and the niceties before saying no.

2. Guilt: This doesn’t only pertain to Catholics and Jewish Mothers; guilt trips have been a successful manipulation tactic for centuries. The saddest part of this strategy is that the victims of this tactic succumb to the manipulators’ demands because they feel they HAVE to, not because they WANT to. In personal relationships, this sets up a co-dependency that is extremely unhealthy. What you can do: Ask the individual if they want you to do something because you have to or because you want to. If they say they want you to want to do it, tell them that you don’t and that they are trying to force you into something you don’t feel comfortable with.

3. Broken Record: Probably the most obvious of formats is the broken record tactic. If a person asks you enough or pushes their agenda enough…constantly repeating the question or request over and over again…in slightly different ways, the victim will inevitably give in and give them what they want. Oye! What you can do: Ask the individual what they don’t understand about the word “no.” Tell them that asking you over and over again isn’t going to change anything and that they are inappropriately over-stepping boundaries.

4. Selective Memory: This one gets me the most. You swear you have a conversation about a plan and everyone is on the same page, and then one day, the manipulator pretends to remember the conversation completely differently, if at all. What you can do: Record your conversations…seriously! Okay, maybe not. At least have a witness that you can count on to back you up if the person pulls this shenanigan. Call them out on the fact that they conveniently change the game to fit their needs.

5. Bullying: If a person doesn’t get their way, they make you out to look or feel like the bad guy…like you are the wrong one. What you can do: Be firm and tell them that their bullying tactics are inappropriate and unacceptable.

Winter Trip

So my man friend and I are thinking about taking a litte pre-Christmas road trip next week but can't come up with any good ideas besides labeling a Twister spinner with N,E,S,W and seeing where we end up. I'm afraid this will lead us into dangerous snowy driving though.

Any better ideas of places to go/things to see? We're trying to keep it cheap and aren't afraid to do some winter camping if we end up somewhere cool. Pretty much anywhere in Oregon and Washington would work for us.
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ISO Mussaman Curry Recipe

I'm looking for an easy way to have this at home without spending a fortune going out to eat. Does anyone have a favorite recipe, or even know of a good "mix" that's relatively easy to make for someone who considers cooking to be one of the following three things:

a) Something done over lit charcoal
b) Something done in a microwave
c) Something Somebody Else does

I'm not looking to make it from scratch, at least not yet, but if that's the only/best way aside from getting it from a restaurant, I'll try it.

Thanks in advance!
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low-key NYE?

This year will be my first NYE in Portland. I have seen ads for dress-up classy stuff and get drunk dance-party stuff. Neither is really my scene.

In St. Louis I'd always head to this dive bar for NYE with a buffet of barfood, cheap drinks live music, and ample seating to play card/board games/hang out or play pool.

Anybody know of something kinda like that going on in Portland? I'm not into dancing or standing in a packed room or waiting 20 minutes at a bar to get a drink. And my husband doesn't drink at all. So really anything NYE that has any draw besides dancing and getting drunk.

I realize can drink and eat pizza and play board games at my house, and that's my plan B (in which case anybody want to join?). But I do like celebrating and counting down with other people.