December 12th, 2009


hey onpoint members!

I'm going to be renting a car next week and when I signed up for my Onpoint credit card there was a thing about an auto rental collision damage waiver, but it didn't say for what companies. Due to my inability to find my "new account materials", where this info is supposed to be listed, I turn the question over to you, DamnOnpointlanders... what auto rental companies does this work with?

(Also, if anyone needs a ride to Seattle next Friday 2:00ish, we might be able to work something out.)

Thanks in advance!
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Worst Date Night Ever, this Sunday

If anybody's looking for something to do Sunday night, I have a humble suggestion:

I invite all of you to the premiere of my latest short film, Open, plus several other "sexy-mopey" films to help get you through these cold Portland nights! Come explore the all-too-familiar territory of doomed romance with us and commiserate over great film, free popcorn, good booze, and music to make you feel even worse.

Travis Ezell (PDX)
Andy Blubaugh (PDX)
Nick Peterson (PDX)
Morgan Currie (AMSTERDAM)
Lev Yilmaz (NYC)

And featuring broken-hearted tunes spun by Mathew Yake

7pm Sunday, December 13
TIGA 1465 NE Prescott

Admission is FREE
(Donations of $5 will be rewarded with a DVD of short films.)

See you all there!

cheap-o legal advice for businesses.

Free or cheap legal advice for start-up businesses? Wherez it at? I need some help with writing contracts!

Well, maybe I should be more specific: I need help with writing up a subordinated loan agreement. I've found a decent one to copy, but I want to make sure I've got my butt covered as far as quirky Oregon rules go.

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CDs Free to a Good Home

Hello fellow DPers. I have a box full of CDs that I no longer wish to store, and you are welcome to come and take them all from me. There are a large number of things in there including but not limited to industrial, house, techno and things far weirder. There are a lot of burned backup CDs in there as well, some mp3s and other randomness. Maybe even some old PC games, I don't even know.

Here are the results of a very small random sample:

Detroit Grand Pubahs - Funk All Ya'll (promo copy)
John Williams - Star Wars trilogy sampler
Vinylgroover - a couple of albums worth of Happy Hardcore or something
ATB - Killer cd single
Sad Rockets - Transition (promo)
Cranes - Jewel cd single (Robert Smith remix)
Emer Kenny - Golden Brown (junior vasquez remixes)
Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone cd single
The Orb - UFOrb
The Glove - Blue Sunshine (Robert Smith and Steve Severin side project)
Josh Wink - Hearhear
Jeff Mills - Waveform Transmissions

I know there are some other good albums in there I just haven't gone through it all. Anyway, I don't really have much use for the physical media anymore, and I would like to get the box out of my apartment. Please private message me if you're interested and I'll give you the address and we can work out a pick up time.


Someone didn't do their research!

"HOUSTON (Reuters) - Houston Saturday became the first major US city to elect an openly gay mayor, Annise Parker, after a hotly contested run-off election that gave gay and lesbian supporters a symbolic victory following defeats over legalizing same-sex"


They did mention Portland, but apparently it isn't a "major US city"? WTF, Reuters!
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Help me out on this one

A former Portlandian told me that there is a fantastic wine & liquor store in the SW of town run by a couple of bears ( the gay men kind, not the claw-you-to-pieces kind). She insists this is *the* place to procure alcohol but naturally, couldn't remember the name of the joint.

Ringing any bells? Can someone fill in the blanks here?
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Hey Mac-savvy Portlanders!

Anyone know what to do when out of the blue your macbook doesn't realize it has a battery in it when it was happily charging that battery not three minutes ago? It's not even old yet, still has (or had, rather) great battery life... Luckily I don't have papers to write for school anymore, but still!

iPhone internet only gets you by so long... so any of your vast knowledge will be welcomed!