December 11th, 2009



So, I was just sitting at my 5-ish year old iBook surfing the web or something like that (...okay, looking at porn), when all of a sudden it turned off by itself with a small "pop", and now it won't turn back on. At all. The power button doesn't do anything at all. This leads me to believe that the motherboard or some other very integral part of its guts spontaneously combusted, and that (hopefully) the hard drive is still okay. I'm also on an extremely tight budget. Does anybody know how I could get my data recovered on the cheap? I last backed up in October and the only important data that's really changed since then is a tiny text file with my work search history for unemployment, and it'd really suck to have to pay $50+ when all I need to recover is less than a kilobyte of information.

I don't have much hope for the computer itself... I'm surprised it made it this long, actually. And yeah, I know, I probably should have been writing that shit down on paper instead.

Booze and Charities

I grew up in the port city of San Pedro, CA. - a hardcore union town filled with ship builders, fishermen, and longshoremen.

Every year,, about this time we used to have a charity bar run. Hundreds of people would gather at 6 a.m on a Saturday to drop off toys and run, walk, skate, bike to the bars scattered around Pacific Ave. to sing christmas carols and be rewarded with shots of whatever was abundant.

So, my question is, anything like this happening around here?

A question to all you xbox owners out there

Let's say you're thinking about selling your xbox 360 and you don't think you've ever registered it for warranty on the Microsoft website.

In your opinion, would it be better for you to register the 360 right now, or allow whomever buys it to register the product? I don't really know anything about this, so reasons as to why either choice would be better are extremely helpful =)
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street angel skates


I need to find full-finger gloves that will keep my hands warm without preventing me from doing indoor / job / everyday life things like typing. I've had winter marching band gloves recommended to me, but I have no idea where to start looking for them locally (I want to be able to try them on, so ordering online isn't gonna cut it).

If any of you happen to be damnmarchingbanders who know of a place in Portland that carries these--or if you've got other suggestions for keeping digits toasty without losing dexterity (and before someone mentions it, no, fingerless gloves aren't an option), I'd be much obliged!

road conditions later tonight

has anyone heard anything about portland being ready with whatever de-icing method they use for the freeways/main roads for this upcoming threat of freezing rain (tonight/tomorrow)?

i have to pick up family from the airport around 10pm and i'll feel a lot better about it if I know they might actually be de-icing freeways so then a larger portion of my trip will be ice-free. :/

cold weather tip

If you have trouble starting your car when it's cold,
turn on your headlights or radio and leave them on about 20 seconds
before you try to start it.
Having them on actually warms the battery up, and makes it easier to
turn it over.

Next to penultimate FNNLC of the decade!

Hello, and tonight, on a very special episode of the Friday Night No Life Club, we look at the rapidly-shortening decade, we find ourselves reflecting that we were coming back, that in fact, we were always coming back.

So even though we don't have any lives, if we did, what would we make of them in the next 20 days? What big milestones do we want to accomplish before this decade winds down?

Or are we content where we are, (lifeless), and we will just keep on scanning youtube for time attack videos of our favorite 8-bit games?