December 10th, 2009


2 pet related things

If anyone is thinking of getting a forever friend this holiday season, the Oregon Humane society has "mobons" for 20% off an adult pet adoption. (If you are unfamiliar with mobons, it is a free phone app. full of digital coupons for things all over the city).

I also wanted to recommend "Pets on Brodway"! I've been going to other various pet stores in the city but never have I encountered such knowledgeable, friendly and helpful people who genuinly seemed to care about my dog's needs. They also sell Frontline, so you can skip the expensive vet office visit for the meds if needed. They get a gold star from me!
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Hey folks!

I've acquired a lovely cherry armoire from craigslist this week, and while it is absolutely beautiful and awesome, it is INCREDIBLY heavy. Too heavy for us here to move upstairs. We already had to move it down a flight of stairs from its previous residence, and aren't willing to do it again the other way.

I'm looking for a mover on the west side (I live in Hillsboro) who could do a quick day job. It would probably take 45 minutes max to get this peice upstairs and into my room. The two initial companies I called quoted me at $200, and I don't really have that kind of money to drop right now.

Can anyone vouch for a local company that would do it for less?

ETA: Caught an LJ message rec for Priority Movers! Woot!


Currently a Seattleite, but looking to relocate to lovely Portland.

I currently live in a shared home, nearly an intentional community. I would very much like to live in this kind of situation again, as it is way awesomer than living alone.

Does anyone here know of any shared homes that are looking for roommates? I've written to people on Craigslist, but i think the fact that I'm in Seattle scares them off, because they never even reply. Very disconcerting!

I am 27, female, awesome. I like crafts (sewing, collage, ink drawing) and I like a happy home. I don't cause conflict and I try to not get involved in the personal battles between other housemates. Don't want to live in a party house, but don't want to live in an uber-quiet home, either. I just want to live!

Anyway, if any of you could assist me in my upcoming efforts, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Random pregnancy craving

Okay so suddenly I want me some chicken curry (Indian, please). I'm in Milwaukie so anything here, or Ore. City, Clackamas etc would be great. Also, I'd like a to-go place, I want to walk in and grab me some food and leave. Also, affordable is a bonus. Please tell me there is a curry place in Milwaukie! I know there's that Curry house on McLoughlin and Park but they're NEVER open :( Baby and me thank you!
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I like polls.

What's your primary method of getting from one place to another?

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Two questions

I have two completely unrelated questions to throw out there:

Eins: My boyfriend has been working for a shipping supply manufacturing company since the end of summer. It's a large corporation but the office he works at only has a few employees, including him. Starting last month, the woman working in the office area started telling him to not come in because of lack of work (no orders, no inventory needs). It is usually only a day or two at a time but it keeps happening. We are on a very tight budget as it is so it's really imperative that he work 40 hours a week. He's noticed that the work orders have slowed to the point that he will probably start being told not to come in more often. Is he eligible for unemployment benefits to compensate for the missing hours that are accumulating? If so, what are the requirements for that? His manager is Russian and they have a hard time communicating and his actual boss always seems to be MIA when this happens (last time, Erik had to bombard him with calls to figure out what was going on when he was told not to come in three days in a row).

Zwei: A friend of mine came on some hard times personally and professionally and decided to move home to re-group. Her "roommate" (technically a guy who used her dining area as a bedroom because she needed help paying rent) was made aware of this 5 weeks in advance so he could make future living arrangements since the apartment needed to be vacated. This person is a very immature, irresponsible mid-20s dude so, of course, he never made said arrangements. Problem is, this guy has a cat. He asked me to take the cat, Dex, in for a couple weeks max while he figured out where he was going to live and I agreed (for the cats sake, not his!) Two weeks is almost up, dude has not figured anything out, and I continually see/hear about him out drinking with buddies at their favorite bar. Clearly, this guy has his priorities completely out of whack which I could care less about. However, I have this wonderful, awesome cat staying with us but I can't keep him permanently (I already have two others). I've had two responsible friends come forward offering to adopt him because Dex is so great. I'm going to try to convince this dude to allow me to re-home Dex because this guy is obviously not cut out to be a pet owner; he can't even take care of himself. He loves his cat, but he loves having fun more. How should I go about this? An ultimatum, coercion, threats? He owes me money for supplies that I know I'll never get. Frankly, I just want this cat to have a good, permanent home. And dude can't hack that.
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silver smith jewlery type person or something...

I have some pieces of silver (like broken spoons, forks etc.) that were my great grand mas and i want to get it melted down and made into a ring and maybe a pendant or something. Have any suggestions of a place or person does this sort of thing? is good at it? Likes to do it? I have zero idea right now for a design that id like to have it made into so someone also who can give em some ideas for rings etc would be great:)

thanks DP!
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2 for 1 deal with The Thermals or Nurses

Hey Deepers,

Who all is planning on going to The Thermals or Nurses at Berbati's Pan this weekend? I just wanted to let everyone know that if you have tickets (physical or will call) for either one of those shows, they'll let you into tonight's show for free. You get to keep your tickets and come back for Thermals/Nurses of course.

The show is a 4 band bill featuring We All Have Hooks For Hands, from South Dakota, with local support from Nucular Aminals, And I was Like What?, and Duck, Little Brother, Duck! It'll be a good show. It's only $5 without the Nurses/Thermals offer.
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(no subject)

Hey All,

I need some Chinese Restaurant recommendations!

My parents are coming in to town tomorrow, they want to go out to Chinese food for lunch as a celebration of my dad's birthday. They're both meat-eaters, but my sister and I are both vegetarians.

My parents will definitely want to go somewhere with meat options so vegetarian chinese restaurants are out, which are the only ones I've been to in the area.

Can anyone give me some good recommendations of chinese restaurants that have both meat and vegetarian options? I'd prefer on the east side of the river, but if any of you have stellar recommendations for the west side, I'm open.

Thanks DP! ;)

seeking html/css freelance rockstar who needs year-end work

Hello group,

I work for an agency and we have a potential need to turn some microsite design comps into cross-browser html/css. Some comfort with PHP will probably prove helpful as well. Our internal team is overloaded with work (good problem to have) and vacation. Looking for a freelancer to pick these up. Need to be comfortable turning a PSD into working, cross-browser-happy code. If the client approves (and I suspect they will) we will be starting the 21st with 30-40 hours of work. If you do good work there is a definite possibility for future engagements.

Remote work is a definite possibility but there will be some onsite (south downtown) required for meetings - probably 10-20% - so locals only.

Send an email with work samples and rate to ...

For Those With An Oil Heater

We suddenly have the distinct smell of burning hair coming from our oil heater...could a mouse have somehow gotten in there or is it a sign of something more serious? The interwebs is being very unhelpful and I'd rather not have to spend the night with it shut off if I don't have to.


It's 17 degrees outside, here in Beaverton. I'm staying inside and having bbq ribs and experimenting with hot cocoa mixed with eggnog. What are you guys up to this evening?

(no subject)

I finally got around to getting an HD antennae for my ridiculously large TV (previously relegated to movies and gaming). Now, I normally watch a lot of PBS, and even with the antennae giving me FOUR OPB stations (one being the radio), there's never ANYTHING good on. It's kids stuff during the day and then it goes to all news or pledge drives after. Where did Antiques Roadshow go? Masterpiece Theatre? Mystery? I never see any of these on ever. Is it just because we're in pledge drive season or has OPB really gone to shit?