December 7th, 2009

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Christmas British TeeVee Hijinx are afoot!

Hey there, kiddies, the next installment of Jeremy's Cleverly Titled British TeeVee Night at the Low Brow is going on Tuesday after next, the 15th of December.

We're going to be showing the Blackadder Christmas Carol, maybe some of the Doctor Who christmas eps, "The Curious Case of Santa Claus" starring Jon Pertwee(assuming I can find a copy), and other greatness.

here's the Facebook link. Tell yer friends. Drag them along. Repost this elsewhere. Make it a Meetin/Meetup event. Show up in festive Santa gear.


When: 6pm - 9:30ish pm, Tuesday Dec 15th
Where: the Low Brow Lounge, 1036 NW Hoyt
Who: You and your cute & available housemate/friend/bowling team
Why: Everybody else is doing it and you don't wanna look like a Christmas Loser, DO YOU

Jeremy's Cleverly Titled British TeeVee Night at the Low Brow is a free biweekly Happy Hour-sorta event that happens on alternate Tuesdays. The next events are on 12/15 and 12/29. Email me for more info.
Lego Castle Making
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(no subject)

So, back in the day, whem my roomie and I moved in to our house, we bought a used washer off CL. I tried hooking up said washer and then got a frantic "OMG I FLOODED THE BASEMENT" call from my roommate. Since then we haven't tried to use the damn thing.

So either A) the washer doesn't work or B) I'm no handyperson and hooked it up wrong. I'm leaning toward B. So, any handy DP'ers that could direct me to relevant pages on the webz OR someone/some company I could hire to hook it up right? It's a very basic machine so I wonder if maybe the fit was wrong. I'm clueless really and need direction - help?
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I've been getting my nephews a Silver Eagle each year, starting way back when they were only $10/coin. The kid that's graduating HS this year has quite the pile of them. This year, my regular coinshop is charging $5 more then you can get 'em on line - at $23/coin . . .I dislike shopping online for these things, anyone know of a better local coinshop where I can pick up the 2009 coin? I need to mail soon.

I'd been using on Hawthorn & 51st.

(feel free to steal this idea for the tots on your list - a coin per year doesn't break the bank on my end, but the value goes up and the oldest's total stash is worth over $1K right now)
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Tattoo Rec

I'm looking to get a tattoo and am looking for an artist that specializes in drawing some kick ass art.

I am looking to combine the following concepts into a woodcut of the Tree of Life:

Tree of Life:

Also, any comments on the process would be great. I have always designed my own art before getting inked and I'm not sure of the process for getting art done. Do you get some concepts/mock ups? Do you pay for those? Do you tip extra? What's the deal?

Thanks much!

An open letter from my sinuses

Dear Oregon Legislature,

This weak-ass phenylephrine isn't doing a damn thing for my stuffed up sinuses. I have some good old-fashioned meth-precursor pseudoephedrine at home, and it works a treat. Sadly, I'm at work, and had to take what they had in the Big Box Of First Aid Things, and I'm telling you, this weak-sauce phenylwhatever isn't doing a THING. I'd have better luck with a mildly spicy burrito from Taco Bell.

Also, for fuck's sake, my blood pressure is even more unhappy than my sinuses right now.

The score so far:

Sinuses clearing: 0
Blood Pressure Elevation: 40E30

Meaning I'm losing my several hojillion points. Thanks. Much appreciated.
Push Button For POPSICLES

It's 40°F inside.

Is there a way to get heating oil on a payment plan?

Has anyone successfully used at kind of public assistance service to get help paying for heat?

I'm not dying or anything, I have a space heater in my room. It's just annoyingly uncomfortable to go to the kitchen or the bathroom.

meow woof n crap

Looking for people locally who do pet related art. This can be anything, prints, sewing, woodwork, but I need ideas and I usually give gifts to my immediate family related to their pets. Last year I had made for them custom sculpey ornaments shaped like their pets, and the year before were personalized pet blankets. It's easy to find this stuff on the internet, but supporting a local artist would be cool.
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Translation Service

Hey DP, my parole officer says I'm due for some community service, so I thought I'd do some Social Media Network Owner to English translation.

The following bit of Social Media Network Owner from the Livejournal folks

Unfortunately with our last release, and its instability, we were forced to roll back releases. Unfortunately in doing so, it would seem that our notification system has been broken somehow. Our engineers are working on this issue as quickly as possible. We hope to have a patch within the next day, so we can deploy our code and fix the notification system at the same time. Please *bear* with us ;)

can be translated as

We fired anyone who knew how anything worked around here and are pushing out releases that'll help us make our bonuses without caring what existing functionality it breaks. At this point you're pretty much big bags of money that we're kicking until a few bucks slips out of a broken seam or you leave.

My Social Media Network Owner is a little rusty, "kicking" might actually be "anally violating with a silver spoon", but other than that the translation's accurate.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

Fireplace inspections?

Heya DP:
Relavent backstory:
My apartment building has just 4 units. On one side of the building there is a chimney. Via this chimney my apartment has a fireplace and my downstairs neighbors have a fireplace. Neither one of us has used our fireplace. When I moved in, in April, the fireplace was a big draw and the landlord said "I don't know the last time it was used. It's been taped up since the previous guy moved in. It probably works fine." Well, it's freezing inside my apartment (literally- bad windows) and I want to use the fireplace.

How much does a fireplace inspection cost? Anyone have a rec? If I offer up a place that has a reasonable price, I can probably get the landloard to make it happen. But I have no idea where to begin. Google gave me a bunch of places that don't have websites or prices for services.

Help a freezing fellow DPer out?

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(no subject)

is anything fun going on tonight?

i just graduated college today and i feel like celebrating or doing something but i'm sitting in my apartment by myself with my cat :( even if i go somewhere alone, i just want to do something.

come on, i didn't even get invited to my wow raid tonight. help a girl out.