December 6th, 2009

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Is the walk worth the wine?

I wanted to go out for a drink and a bite and no one's available.

So I thought I'd walk the few blocks and go out by myself.

Hey, it's really cold out there.

Looks like I'm staying in and watching the bizarreness that is the This channel.

Stay warm, DPers!
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  • drjeff

Tree farm shout-out thread?

Soooooo... we scored a great tree today, and had a great experience. I wondered if anyone else would like to contribute their tree farm recs. Then the tagging army could swarm in and make this a GREAT RESOURCE.

Or, I can just tell you about the one we went to.

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Shriver farms is on E. Division on the way out to Oxbow Park. It's huge. It's not a hot-chocolate-and-swarming-kids kind of place. We just drove up, parked, surveyed the 6 fucking gajillion trees, picked one out, and waited for the dude with the saw and the trailer to come by. He sawed it down, brought it down the hillside, and watched as three other guys wrapped it in twine and tied it to the top of our car. It's a lovely Spruce, about 6.5 ft. tall, and the whole experience set us back FIFTEEN BUCKS.

Highly recommended. Will Christmas again.

So, if you wanna, feel free to drop your recommendations in here. I'll post pictures of the tree in my annual unsuccessful "show us your tree" thread. Just kidding. I've never had one of those.

Until NOW.
  • rekre8

It looks like Christmas threw up on their house

As we drove through town, the comment came to mind: "It looks like Christmas threw up on their house" - which prompted the reply "Yup, that must have been a majorly airsick reindeer at 3000 feet"

You all know what I'm talking about, and if you have any doubts, take a drive past NE 28th & Irving. These things really need to be documented for posterity, and possibly as a warning (as in DON'T DO IT!!!1!). Please, all of you with your fancy DSLRs, please capture these messes and post them for all to share. Let us discuss the difference between

a) decorated
b) well decorated
c) over decorated but well done
d) Possibly beyond the taste borderline
e) Rudolph vomit

Reel mowers

Does anyone here use a reel mower on their lawn? I'm interested in them for my small patch of grass but worried they'll be less effective here where the grass is so often wet. Anybody know how well they work on wet grass? Any opinions of reel mowers in general?