December 3rd, 2009

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So my sister was laid off from a small toy store and I was wondering what sort of recourse she could have. They told her she was fired because she "opened their mail", even though it was her paycheck. And it was ONLY her paycheck, since the other employees got direct deposit on theirs. She's been able to do so before when she worked for Starbucks, cut out the middleman.

She said the official cause was "opening a package", even though that's listed in her job description. She believes that it's a cover because they'd bumped her down to one day a week and were hunting for an excuse to fire her.

Can she do anything?

She also wants to say that the store, Polliwog, has the worst markup she's ever seen.
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Invasive LJ ads?!

Is this something new, or have other people been seeing this for a while? I just posted a response to another thread, and when I clicked the "submit" button, the screen darkened, and a video ad for Best Buy came on the screen.

I have no problem with banners on a free account, but man, if I've got to see this sort of thing with every post--or even a significant (>1%) number of them, I'm probably going to be a much less active participant in things.

I think I'm most annoyed because of the tag line, "This content sponsored by..." I think that I just supplied the content in question, and, well, Best Buy didn't pay me anything.


Does anyone know if LJ has a "feedback" bucket where they actually read suggestions from users? I understand the need for advertising on free services, but it seems to me that for a user-supplied-content-driven site to erect a barrier to content submission is a good way to kill the goose. I actually wouldn't have a problem if the same sort of ad showed up when I dive in "below the cut" on a particular post, but doing it when I'm trying to post something just annoys me.

Heck, on SlashDot, I'm a frequent contributor, and so they've actually given me the option to turn off ads altogether when I visit; it was such a nice gesture that I actually don't take advantage of it, as a sort of thanks.

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Bad Christmas music

So why is it that when stores start piping in the Christmas music, they play the worst version possible of every song?

Seriously, I'd rather hear Manheim Steamroller. Actually, I like Manheim Steamroller, but that's because I grew up on that stuff. That, the Boston Pops, and a Reader's Digest collection of pretty classic stuff.

K103 is just as bad. Someone had it on at my old office and it played possibly the worst recording ever of "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music. Speaking of which, when the hell did that become Christmas music? It has nothing to do with Christmas, either lyrically or in the musical.

I actually LIKE Christmas music, too. When it's not completely shitty.
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Cookies: Oh Shiiiiiiiiiii...


My son took part in a fund raiser at school, and got a bunch of our remote family to purchase cookie dough. My family, apparently suddenly became sensible eaters and all responded the same way. "I will buy your cookie dough, but whatever you do, don't send it here."

Today we take delivery on a couple hundred dollars worth of frozen cookie dough.

The heterosexual life partner and I are vegan (Drink!). We cannot eat this cookie dough.

We are more than willing to bake it, or deliver it to an organization. I know a lot of you folks volunteer or work with orgs out there. What are good ones to deliver either frozen cookie dough, or baked cookies to?

(This is of course coming DAYS after my mother's yearly organized cookie shipment to the armed forces has left the station.)

Are you there, DP? It's me, Caatinga.

My roommate just passed the California Bar exam and she's stoked! But girl needs something to do with that big brain of hers, AKA, a jeeerb in the legal field.

She wants to do Federal immigration Law, mostly in the form of legal outreach to folks who arrive here fleeing adverse circumstances. But right now, I think she's be more than happy to consider other areas. She's tremendously smart and comes with red-hot glowing recommendations (not just mine, her frumpy copywriter roommate's).

Plus, you guys: When she gets stressed, she BAKES! I figure that would be a huge asset to a legal firm.

Know of anything? Please put your leads and snark below, or email me at dree [at] Thanks for rocking!
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Anyone do blacksmithing?

I want to gift my partner with a class in black smithing this holiday, and wanted to know if there are any existing classes in the Portland area. I've check PCC, but it looks like they only have welding classes, which is not what I'm looking for at all.

Help me surprise the nerd in my life with some fire and brimstone?

things to do tomorrow?

know of anything going on tomorrow evening? it's a date but dorky is okay. we like rad independent things, and we're poor but free isn't a requirement ($10 each would be pushing it). one of us is under 21. please nothing christmas related, and not out in the suburbs.


Who wants 2 tickets to see Chris Hardwick at the Aladdin Theatre this Saturday?

I've got two tickets for an evening of comedy with Chris Hardwick this Saturday at the Aladdin and now I can't go.
Would you like to buy them from me?

I am asking for the face value of the tickets, $40 for the pair, but I can give you a Damnportlanders discount and sell them to you for $30.

Here's a link to my craigslist ad, you can contact me through that email address.
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Is there a reason that every bar I have tried to slip into tonight is crowded with drunken neanderthals wearing orange and black or green and yellow and dressed up as various aquatic animals and trying to beat each other up in some sort of strange festive and ritual way which is involing lots of police officers and taxi cabs ??

Is this whole city mad ??

I just wanted to drink vodka and the liquor stores are closed.
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