December 2nd, 2009

Push Button For POPSICLES

You know you guys want to help me do my homework!

So, there are these birds that come around sometimes. I don't remember if they only come around this time of year or any time because I see them infrequently.

They're medium-sized birds (like maybe 6" long), they're kind of brown, but more like a speckle or dashing of various browns, sort of like a jar of wild rice. The top is darker than the bottom and the dashing pattern is more visible in the bottom.

The most obvious thing about these birds is that they fly and land together. There's never just one bird. It's like a blanket of birds on my lawn when they visit, and they all whoosh off together to one tree or one power line. They move anywhere from every minute to every ten minutes, but they don't stay long and they're easily spooked.

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What the hell are these birds?

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I'm selling jewelry at this event, and I'd like to invite you to stop by. I am donating 10% of my sales to The Pixie Project, but the event itself is generating donations to p:ear. I hope you can attend and see the work of all the talented people who are participating - and buy handmade for gifts this year!

Handmade NW Presents A Formal Holiday Artisans Fair!

Date: Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time(s): 11am-6pm

The Chelsea Ballroom

1510 SE 9th (SE Hawthorne at 9th)

Portland, OR 97214
DETAILS: Quickly becoming one of Portland premiere craft events, the Formal Holiday Artisans Fair combines the finest of the season – elegant décor, festive live classical music by violin and cello, and a select group of makers offering quality handmade gifts for giving. Come early and be one of 100 guests to receive goodie bags full of handmade treats. Gift-wrapping is available starting at $2 a package. One hundred percent of gift-wrapping proceeds go directly to p:ear mentoring.

This year, Handmade NW ( partners with p:ear ( as a benefactor for this event. p:ear will host an information booth for those looking for more ways to support their agency.

This event serves to support an economy of crafters and artisans who have committed to bring quality handmade goods to our community. The recipient of the handmade gift receives something that is one-of-a-kind, and made with care and attention that can be seen and touched. It is the result of skill and craftsmanship that is absent in the world of large-scale manufacturing. Handmade NW encourages all to support the local economy by buying local handmade gifts this holiday.
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Hey SIngles! Tonight is Game Night.

Link to the facebook invite:

Haven't posted here about Game Night in a while so I just wanted to remind everyone that we meet at The Green Dragon every 1st and 3rd wednesday of the month.

The Green Dragon is at 9th and Belmont, the 15 stops right there.

They have amazing beer and a great atmosphere.

here is the blurb about Game Night:

GameNightPDX is a singles mingler type of group. We meet on the first and third Wednesday each month from 7 to 10pm + for mingling over great beer and board games. OK, it really tends to be more about card games, but it is great nonetheless.

Hope you can join us!
"When the going gets dark..."
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Can You Give My Friend A Home?

(...And me some grocery funds?)

No, not a cat/kitten, I swear.

He looks like this:

Safe for work, if morally dubious on several levels.

He still has his box*, cigar, beer can, wand, and wind-up key. But he really needs some room to walk around and maybe some valuables to steal.

Asking $15 OBO. Drop me a line. First come, first served.

C'mon! What says "damnportlanders" to you more than a surly alcoholic robot felon in a kicky little skirt?

*The box and plastic "shield" are showing their age, but Our Hero is still in tip-top shape within.

Congratulations, simbubba!

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i hope this is ok. if not, let me know.

my friend is running for city council and he's been a long time advocate for the homeless and mentally ill. in fact, the oregonian called him the state's "foremost independent advocate for persons with mental illness and addiction." so he might be dp's kind of guy! if you'd like to know more about him, check him out!

that would be swell of you!

fyi, jason renaud co-founded the mental health association of portland

uncertain, question
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Alaska/Horizon vs. Southwest: Notably more or less non-ass?

So, right now Alaska Airlines is running a special that'd get me to the Bay Area for $50 each way to attend a convention at the beginning of March. Southwest seems to be matching that price on flights on those days.

The last time I flew anywhere was 1999, when I took Alaska Airlines to, surprisingly enough, Anchorage Alaska. I remember that flight being decent except for being allergic to the peppers in the omelet, which will presumably not be a problem I'll be having in coach on a PDX -> SJC flight on any airline whosoever. However, a a decade has passed, everyone collectively shat their pants about terrorism, no one has any money, and my understanding is that all airlines suck now.

Anyway, if I have a choice of Alaska or Southwest for the same price for direct flights to/from the same airports on the same days, any opinions on which I should go for? Alternately, anyone want to split gas and driving on a road trip to the Bay Area in March leaving on Thursday the 4th and returning Monday the 8th?
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Elliott Smith Haunts

This has probably been asked before but oh well.

So I know Elliott spent some time round these parts and I'm curious as to where around Portland did he hang out. Bars? Food places? What neighborhoods he lived in? Venues he often played? etc... Or any other interesting personal Smith stories or rumors I'd love to hear :)
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Did or can anyone take a pic of Mt Hood out over any part of Portland today? I don't have a working camera but really want to capture it.

And perhaps brag to my family in flat Florida..
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mmm... stoner noms

What are your favorite ghettofied recipes? You know, dishes you make up on the fly when you've only got limited food in the house, and then you discover that they're actually pretty damn good.

Here are mine:

- Ghetto potato pancakes: Instant mashed potatoes + pancake mix (both are just-add-water)
- Ghetto tuna casserole: Ramen + egg + parmesan + tuna
- Spaghetto: Ramen + chili

online storage sites?

Anyone know of a good, free, secure online storage site where I can back up around 30 gigs of data from my external hard drive? I neglected to format it to NTSF when I first got it and it's still in FAT32 format, and I found out how to convert it without losing data but I'd still like to back up my stuff if something goes wrong. My main C drive is too small to hold all the stuff, and I don't have a CD burner on this laptop, so online storage is pretty much my only option at this point. If I have to, I'm open to using multiple sites (say, one for music, one for pics, one for videos, and one for documents). I don't like esnips that much as when I tried to upload some mp3s a while back it bitched at me about copyright and deleted them.

I'm thinking about, it gives 50 gigs for free which is more than enough for me right now, anyone have any experience with it?
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Airport question

I have a flight from Portland to Phoenix tomorrow at 830 am....Is it safe to get there at 730 am? or do i need to give myself the 2 hour window. I'm not checking any bags and am doing online check in. Thanks!

Self-employed associations? (edited)

Hi everyone! My companion and I just moved here from Austin, TX. I am sure there is probably more than one good association or meet-up for the self-employed around here? I would love to talk to people about how to start a business, the legalities, and all that jazz.

My business only exists in my head right now but it is related to videography, in case the industry makes a difference.

EDIT: This has been asked a couple times in the comments, so I'll clarify. My business idea involves conducting and filming interviews with individuals or groups for their own posterity...for instance, someone may want me to interview their 80-year old grandmother and make a high-quality production of it so they have that piece of her when she's gone. Or a couple expecting a child may do an interview to gift to their child later in life. That kind of thing. I call them "story portraits."

I have the interview/social skills. And I'm computer savvy. But I don't have the specific videography/video-editing skills I'd need. So I'd say I'm looking for information four things, really:

1. The legalities of self-employment in OR
2. Tips from people who've "been there" on various topics relevant to self-bossers
3. Health and other kinds of insurance for the self-employed and
4. Resources or workshops to help me spruce up my videography skills