November 30th, 2009

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Sweetest kitty EVER needs a home!

And the title really isn't hyperbole. I have never seen a 5-month-old (aka adolescent) kitten who is still this sweet and snuggly - usually at this age they have become "wild children" and don't get settled and affectionate again until they get closer to full adulthood.

She was abandoned in a sealed box outside of my apartment building last week. I dutifully took her to get scanned for a microchip - if she'd been a shelter cat, she would have had one - but to no avail. I already have 2 cats, and my apartment only allows 2 cats per unit, so I cannot keep her. She is very much a "with you" kind of cat - follows you around from room to room, purrs if you so much as *look* at her, wants to be in your lap and just the loviest little thing you can imagine.

She's also really pretty!

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She will need to be spayed and vaccinated still, but I have already treated her for fleas, ear mites, roundworms, hookworms, and heartworms, so no worries about introducing her to other cats. She and my cats are still in negotiations about who gets to go where, eat what, and how they interact, but she has shown absolutely *no* aggression towards them, so she should be fine in a multi-cat household. I don't have dogs or kids, so I can't say for sure how she'd be with them, but given how affectionate and mellow she is, I suspect she would learn to adjust quickly and well.

Please give this darling girl a home for the holidays!
  • gojacy

Where can I find...

I need a sturdy wooden chest large enough to house a few rifles and shotguns, as well as related items. Lockable, and not too hard to transport when necessary. Most chests I've seen lately look kind of cheap, and we'd like one that will last many years :)

Also, where can I find a high quality green laser pointer?

Lastly, anybody by chance looking to sell Lunar 2 for the PS1? I will pick up :)

sad & beautiful world

Oregon's Budget Increases and the Special Election in January

1999-01 Budget - $28.883* Billion
2001-03 Budget - $34.100 Billion
2003-05 Budget - $37.081 Billion
2005-07 Budget - $42.367 Billion
2007-09 Budget - $48.005 Billion
2009-11 Budget - $55.923 Billion

Which is almost a 100% increase in budget over the past ten years, according to the Legislative Fiscal Office.

Estimated Population Growth From 2000-'08 was 10.8% according to the US Census Bureau (which is almost our unemployment rate, I think...)

So my question is... do we really need tax increases, or do we just need to spend money better? This is reference to the Special Election in January. Kind of. I think we need more of a fundamental change in the tax structure. Basing almost all tax revenue on income tax hasn't really been working too well for us. I don't know what the answer is, but I'm kind of over band-aids with tax shortfalls when the budget has gone up at a far greater rate than it seems our needs are. I mean, if we kept the Oregon budget the same as it was last time around... we wouldn't have a budget shortfall, would we? I think we'd actually have a surplus. Weird.

I could be way off. Feel free to leave comments. I'm genuinely interested in hearing more thoughts on the state of our budget.

* (Couldn't find the actual number, so I estimated based on the '01-'03 budget stating it was 15.3% higher than the '99-'01 budget)
Red Rider

They tell me this is Cyber Monday...

But I've not found this alleged internet orgy yet. Huh.

Anyway...don't care to roam Portland's grey streets in search of unique locally made art? I'm offering free domestic shipping and discounted international shipping on everything in my etsy shops from $2.50 bookmarks to the $2000.00 sculpture. Fine art and paper goods including the Four Portlanders of the Apocalypse postcards H.P. Lovecraft-inspired art and jewelry, because not every holiday gift should be sappy or cheerful.
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Christmas Tree ideas?

So this year is a little tight but my 15 y.o kid really likes the "idea" of christmas. meaning... Love, family, joy. However, a christmas tree is pretty traditional. I was thinking is there any way around a christmas tree but your still able to hang ornaments. The only house plant I have big enough is my jade plant and I don't want to injure it. Perhaps if I took all my Christmas lights and made them into the shape of a tree. I am trying to do this sans money so using chicken-wire would not fit into the $0 budget. Ideas?
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She Bop the Shop!

Ok so i totally have to spread the word about this place. They just opened up on Friday right off of Mississippi on Beech.

They're a woman-owned sex toy shop and it's totally awesome.

they have a great selection, and the space is really bright, open, and modern-looking. not at all creepy or weird. the atmosphere is really relaxed and the women who own it are really awesome and approachable.

need that extra something for the holidays?

seriously. check them out. i think they're doing really great stuff.
just wanted to put it out there.

(no subject)

My beautiful Nana is having her 80th birthday Dec. 12th or close to that date, and I wanted to help my aunt out by seeing if I could come up with any venue ideas. She posted this as her status update on facebook:

"...challenged by the 'abuela' 80th birthday event venue! 15 elegant older ladies needing to and from transport from NW 21st to a tasteful location that caters or allows catering -- is totally wheelchair accessible -- and is available right before Christmas. Really???"

Well it's not RIGHT before xmas, but it should factor in perhaps. Any ideas? I know it's kind of vague..sorry. anywhere in that area of Portland would be great (or somewhere worth the travel?)

any suggestions at all would be SO AWESOME.

$10 Christmas tree

Where can I find a $10 or less Christmas tree?

Under 4 feet tall, no preference as to what type of tree, and within 30 miles of Portland.

*EDIT: We found $10 trees at 20 something and Hawthorne, in the Safeway parking lot.
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Best local print shop?

I need two receipt pads printed - black and white, 3-part carbon copy, 8.5"x5.5", about 80 sheets each, with a relatively quick (< 2 days or so, need them by Friday evening at the latest) turnaround. Fedex Office/Kinkos quoted me about $30, but I'd prefer to work with a local business (called Kinko's to get a rough estimate since they were the only ones open Sunday).

What say you, DP? Is there a print shop around here that's the best thing since Gutenberg? This is for a non-profit, so massive bonus if they might be willing to donate the job for a tax-deductible receipt. Thanks!

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i just adopted a adorable kitten, i have every that will keep her happy for a little while
but i'd like to spoil her a little more, she's a persian so needs to be haha

so i was wondering where are some awesome local pet shops around here, if there are any
and if you know if they are on the expensive side or cheap?


We used to buy refurbished ipods at the Fred Meyer Red Tag store. They have since stopped selling them. Is there any other place in the Portland area that sells refurbished ipods?

Or anyone have an ipod to sell? We are looking for a couple for Christmas presents.