November 26th, 2009

Addicting Game

So over the past few months my boyfriend has been playing an online MMORPG and I finally started to play it after him bugging me about it.
Well, I have to say it is pretty darn fun.
From what people tell me its similar to WOW in game play but since I have not ever played that I can not tell you myself.
If anyone is interested its called Fiesta. It is downloaded from
Best deal. It is 100% free to play!
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If anyone plays already or ends up playing let me know and maybe we can play together. I have 2 characters myself (a mage and a fighter).

Tonight! (11/26) Shadowplay @ Fez - 9pm - FREE!‏

If any one is looking for anything to do tonight this will be going on @ the fez ballroom and it's free!

Industrial-goth-electro-eighties dance night

with Djs:

Thurs Nov 26th 2009
Doors at 9:00pm - 21 & Over

The Fez Ballroom
(Next to Powells Books on Burnside and above Buffalo Exchange)
316 SW 11th
Portland, Oregon

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My uncle's looking for a home for a wee kitten that he's rescued. She's a she, she's young, and she's missing an eye from a dog attack. My uncle had her repaired as best he could, and he's keeping her in his office trailer for the time being, to keep her safe.

Looking for a home for her with no other animals. Message me if you think you might be interested. I hope to have some pictures and more details by tomorrow.
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Just another thanksgiving sparkly vampire entry...

Hey! My fabulous little ten-year-old girl is done with "Twilight" and now she really, really wants to read "New Moon" as her next in-class book. I know there are roughly 39984772299 copies floating around the greater metropolitan area, so if you don't feel like taking yours to Powells, how'd you like to donate it to a voracious young reader? We'd be happy to come pick it up from you and thank you in person. :)

That's her in the icon. How can you resist?