November 25th, 2009

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So I am in the market for a how-to-crochet book.

I have no interest in making hats, socks, or purses.

I want to make doilies. As in the little useless bits you put under teapots. like this. (I LOVE THEM)

Any DamnCrafters have any book recs / material recs for the beginning doily maker?

(And yeah, I'm a total noob. I don't knit, I barely braid. Halp?!)
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need minor sewing help

Hey DP,

I have a few items that need minor mending (seams fallen out). I could do it myself but I'm not that skilled at or interested in sewing and I don't want to buy five different colors of thread that I'll probably never use again just to fix this stuff. I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to take, mend, and return the items for a reasonable price. If you or someone you know is interested, or if you have a suggestion about a place to take the items, comment to the entry with a way to contact you or send me a message (the address on my profile is active).


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Ok know all Portland
My computer has a wireless car and me and 2 other people all use the same router. It used to be (like 2 weeks ago) that we had a secured connection and had to enter in the password to get on to the connection. Now it is showing unsecured.
HOW in the world can i fix this again? So far what I have read just says when you very first get your modem. Well I have had it so that is useless to me.
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Dancing Tonight!

Hey there Damned Penetrators! Where do I want to go dancing tonight? I know I can get my fill of the gothzors at Embers, but what else is going on in the "moving to music" department this pre-turkey genocide Wednesday?