November 21st, 2009

  • drjeff

For those who celebrate...

What's on the menu for Thanksgiving at your abode? Here's ours:

artichoke dip with homemade parmesan/thyme crackers
deviled eggs
veggie platter
garlic cream cheese mashed potatoes
oyster stuffing
traditional stuffing
bourbon gravy
roasted butternut squash with apples
green bean casserole
gourmet macaroni and cheese
pomegranate-cranberry sauce
bacon cheddar scallion scones
brussels sprouts with bacon
sweet potato souffle with caramelized nut crust
homemade applesauce
chocolate pecan tart
pecan pie
apple pie
pumpkin cheesecake
pumpkin pie

Wine, punch, booze, libations.

  • sorchai

Idle computer distractions?

Ok, giving up Facebook for reasons not discussable here, but need a good computer distraction. I know it sounds as if I have nothing better to do but I REALLY do need some sort of distraction whilst I study. Any Ideas.. NOT myspace they suck too. Somewhere to spend my idleness. Yes, I read boos so don't offer that. I would like a computer distraction... Oh, and WOW or things of that matter are too much of a time sink. I just need something I cant quickly waste time.

Thanks! I appreciate y'all!!!
sad & beautiful world

Political Position Question.

Hey DP.

If someone said they voted exclusively along religious lines would that make someone a ...

a) Democrat
b) Republican
c) Theocrat

Or better yet, which style of government would fit them better?

a) Direct democracy
b) Democratic Republic
c) Theocracy


Another Christmas Ornament Post

I'm looking for two very unique ornaments for the tree this year. One I know can be found, the other... might be more of a challenge.

I need a pickle and a turkey ornament. The pickle and the turkey is an inside joke with the significant other. This will be our first Christmas, so I thought it would be neat to get these things.

The pickle, as luck would have it, is actually an ornament from a German myth that is still going strong. (See story here: So I know it's possible to get the pickle, I can get it online. But we want to go to a store to buy it together, so I'm hoping someone knows where to get a pickle ornament. Distance, within 2 hours of PDX.

The turkey? I think that will be a little harder to find a turkey ornament. But you know what would work? Just a small plastic turkey, like the kind you would get for Barbie or some other small doll. I can always put a hole in the top and make an ornament out of it.

Please and thank you!
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(no subject)

The answer to this question is probably glaringly obvious, but I still don't know.

I want to get a Samsung Eternity phone, preferably new (but near new is good too). Does anyone know where I can get a GOOD deal on one without a plan? Typically you can get around half off if you get a plan. But I already have a plan! I tried Stuff and CL, but nothing has panned out. Ideas? Got one you don't want?

Potatoes from a box!

I'm going to a pre-Thanksgiving dinner potluck tomorrow.

I'm a college student and don't have the desire/time/utensils/energy to do mashed potatoes from scratch, so I'm going to make them from a box. Judge me as you will.

My question to you all is: how can I make these mashed potatoes better? Spices? Onions? Sour cream? Cheese? I have a pretty full spice rack and would be willing to run to Trader Joe's for a few ingredients if necessary.

breezy moredena

Christmas Tree Sale

Hey Everybody!

I know it's a little early, but I figured I would let you know a little early so you can plan ahead.

There will be a Christmas Tree Sale on Dec 5th + 6th at the Woodland Elementary School in Fairview. (21607 NE Glisan St, Fairview, OR 97084) from 8am-4pm.

Christmas trees for $20 each!!! This will help feed the dogs and cats!

ALL proceeds will go to the Multnomah County Animal Shelter. The trees were donated to us at no cost, so all of the money goes back to the animals. We will also be having a donation sleigh for food, litter, blankets, treats, toys, etc for all of the animals in the shelter.

Pets are welcome to this event!!

Also, starting Dec 1st, if you bring 2 cans of people food to the MCAS shelter when you adopt a pet you get $10 off of your adoption fee!

Have happy holidays!

(no subject)

So the power adapter for my Asus EeePC decided to stop working out of the blue today. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement? It's the 1005HA model. Best Buy wants $100 for a universal adapter. I'd hate to have to do that but I need the Netbook for school this week. Thanks!

Books & Movers

Hey DP. Two questions for you tonight:

1. I have some books to get rid of. I was planning to sell some to Powells, but I know they won't take them all because some have highlighting in them, a few are old textbooks, and some aren't in the best condition. What do you do with books that you don't want and can't sell? Can I donate them to a school or library? Throwing a book in the recycling just feels totally wrong to me.

2. Any recommendations for moving companies? We're moving from the Tron to NE in a couple of weeks, and we've decided to let someone else do the heavy lifting. We'd like them to be licensed/insured and fairly priced. We don't care if they're vegan. (In fact, it's probably better if they're not because I might offer them baked goods that contain butter!) I've never actually used a moving company before, so any advice on these helps.


stuff to do

After spending time with my niece today and seeing how excited she was to see me and how sad she was to see me leave (she refused to hug me goodbye, but finally did when I promised I'd come back soon), I realized that I really want to spend more time with this little girl. I absolutely adore her.

So, I promised her that one of these days I would take her and we would spend a day together. Just the two of us. Thing is, I have no idea what to plan.

-She's three years old. So it absolutely has to be toddler friendly.
-I want it to be something we can do and engage in together. Not something where I let her run off and play and I watch her (so not Chuck E Cheese).
-Something not terribly expensive. As much as I want to completely spoil this child, I can't afford to too much.

So DP, any advice on having an Auntie-Niece bonding day?

ETA: I need it to be indoors or at the very least covered. I don't want to have a wet and cold three year old on my hands.

(no subject)

everyday on the same path to the heart the sky is different. however, the returning cold rain waters down everything to a familiar normalcy. all this washing and flooding, sea land ahoy! where's my blanket?