November 20th, 2009

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99E drivers?

this might be a stupid question, but i'm going to ask anyway.

i'm driving up to north lombard st today, and i want to take 99 from powell. is there currently any construction/ crazy shit on that strip that might hold me up? if so, better routes that don't involve freeway driving are much appreciated. snark, too.

thanks, damndrivers.

"NO Evolution Bias"

EDIT: I forgot to mention this great quote from the video company's catalog:
"Why is it that evolutionists can't explain the unusual tongue of the European Green Woodpecker?"'s the world's catchiest anti-evolution song, from a '70s Jerry Falwell album, by Robin & Crystal Bernard (the Crystal Bernard who was later on WINGS!):
There's more info & the lyrics here.

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so my mom asked if i could bring her a "portland ornament" when i go home for thanksgiving next week. i agreed not knowing that THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND!!!!!

anyone know were i can find one? i checked powels and the oregon store. and google is being a fail.

i am close to going to michael's and making my own just to fulfill my promise.
Guy and Eva
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Unique Bazaar 11/21 11am - 4pm

If anyone wants to start their Holiday shopping this weekend, I will be at the Unique Bazaar at Pied Piper Pizza in Vancouver WA. I'm honestly not so sure what makes it "unique", I guess I'll find out tomorrow!

I sell Guy and Eva jewelry, which is a brand new direct selling company. Other vendors at this bazaar: Avon, Italian Charms, The Real McCoy Purse, Scentsy, Candles, Close To My Heart Scrapbooking, Sewing items, Forever Lockets, Packaged Fudge, Dj/Mona Vie, Tupperware, Celebrating Homes, Cookie Lee/Misc. items, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Tastefully Simple, and Party Lite.

Saturday 11/21 11am - 4pm
Pied Piper Pizza Banquet Room
12300 NE Fourth Plain Rd # E
Vancouver, WA 98682

If anyone is interested in purchasing Guy and Eva online please use Party ID: 41

Senate Healthcare Debate!


Senate Healthcare Debate! Now! On C-SPAN 2!!

Well, a debate on allowing the bill to precede to a vote tomorrow, 8am EST.

Also, kudos to Sen. Boxer for calling out the GOP on the hypocrisy of railing on the healthcare bill while suddenly become the stalwart defenders of Medicare and Medicaid.

Anyone else watching? Thoughts?
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Super Cheap Groceries

Hey there, DPers! I come to you with a question, and digging through the archives didn't lead me to any similar posts, so here goes.

Because of a series of unexpected expenses that caught me off guard recently, I need to be super frugal for the next three weeks, and one place I'm hoping to save money is on food. Thus, my question:

What is the cheapest place here in town to buy groceries?

I currently do a lot of my shopping at WINCO, and have had pretty good luck finding good deals there, but I'm not really certain if there is a better place to get cheap stuff.

Location isn't so much of a concern. I figure that, since I have a vehicle and will be making one grand shopping trip out of it, I can drive pretty much anywhere in the area, from Gresham to Beaverton to Oregon City. So...what do you guys suggest?

Thanks so much for your help, DP.

Battle for Wesnoth

Anyone else here ever play The Battle for Wesnoth?
I just woke up from a nap, and will probably be up until 3 AM either playing online, or maybe just watching, dazedly, as other people play.
I imagine that at least a few people here have at least played it a bit.