November 18th, 2009


Is there anyone that could help me write a reallly good resume?
I have one.. and it is ok... but its too, I don't know... not catchy enough?
Is there anyone willing to help me out, out of the goodness of their heart?

The end of the decade:

Do you know what I haven't noticed?
Much talk about the end of the 2000 decade.
We are only 43 days away from a new decade! YAY!
What do you think the next decade will bring?
Hover cars?
How are we all going to celebrate this change of decade?
  • kengwen

ins agent, dental?

Any insurance agents here who deal with dental? Or, do you have someone you recommend? I'm looking into getting a policy but really frustrated with the agent my school referred me to (just looking at individual dental, it's not a school policy) and looking for alternate options...

Also, while I'm asking, anyone offhand have a ballpark for a dental cleaning? The requisite exam that goes with the cleaning? Required xrays that go with the cleaning? I called one place and was astonished, but that might speak more to how long I have been procrastinating a trip to the dentist...

hi all

So I hate my job. I'm thankful I have a job but compared to jobs in the past, I don't know how much longer I can take this particular job. It is in a bad neighborhood, far from my house and school and the customers... well, it's no good.

I would prefer to be working with a family as a nanny/babysitter/mothers helper, which is what I'm best at. I would love to post an ad under "domestic" gigs on Craigslist but I just don't know how. I could ask the craigslist help forums, but the people that troll them are super creepy and rude. Do you know how I get an ad there? Every time I post it goes to some random spot where no one will see it.

Thank you and good day!

2 bedroom still available! And a local shout out.

It's on 21st and Schuyler. Goes for 890 without a lease. It's being restored and updated as we speak with new appliances and carpet. It's in the heart of Irvington and is run by a loving landloard named Ron. Interested? Give this number a call.
503 788 7770

Also my friend Sara is an excellent masseuse out in NE Portland. I had her work on my neck/back the other day to help me out with extreme pain and stress from my job and she totally worked it out. She will give anyone who drops Danny a rate of 40 bucks for an hour of technical and helpful massage. Girl knows what shes doing and could use the local support! If interested call 503 234 3697

Have a soggy day guys



Could someone who perhaps works for the city or knows someone who works for the city kindly inform me of when they plan to stop jackhammering the streets around Pioneer Square, or at least give me some kind of sane reason why they're still bloody doing it, when I thought they'd be done after they finished putting in the transit mall?

Owl Heart

Happy Hour Event tiemz!

I'm looking for a venue, one in each quadrant for SE, SW, and NE, that has the potential to accommodate 25 people without needing to reserve a special room.

Bonus points if they have a decent happy hour.

I was considering the upstairs of Old Town Pizza for NE. Has anyone held a group event there before?

Thanks, deepz.
little blue dog


The love some people have for this standard Thanksgiving dish utterly mystifies me. I mean, it's essentially warm, soggy, salty breadcrumbs, right?

Is there something un-American about me, or have I just never had good stuffing?

I guess these options are not mutually exclusive. At any rate, any good stuffing recipes to share?
  • shalora

Yet another kitty...

So my neighbor turned up at my door tonight. Because I used to foster cats, therefore I must "have connections". *dies* I DO NOT!

Anyway, someone left 2 cats in a *sealed* box (with a handful of cat food, no litterbox, and no holes or anything punched in it!) outside of our apartment building. She was outside for a smoke and heard some noise from inside the box. One of the cats bolted when she opened it up, the other somehow wound up in my second bedroom.

It's a young female cat, and she is actually incredibly friendly! Looks to be about 4-6 months old, short-haired, lynx point type coloring (think Siamese crossed with Tabby), and *every* time I walk in there she comes right up to me and purrs. Pick her up and she just snuggles into your arms. Super sweet, and looking for a home.

I'll take her to the local vet in the morning to get her scanned for a chip and shaved for a spay scar, but given how she turned up, chances are that she'll have neither. I *cannot* have another cat, but if anybody is looking for one, this is your chance! I'll post pics tomorrow when I get them (long story involving a stupid phone, no data cable, and a phone company that does not allow you to text to emails or anything).

She is absolutely a darling, and needs somebody to love her. Please give this sweet baby a home for the holidays!

Tonight's topic

Things not to mix with vodka? People mix all kinds of things with vodka. I even met a guy once who mixed cask Chianti with vodka, once the fruit juice was gone. It was disgusting!

What things would you not mix with vodka?
  • kengwen

unreceived court docs

We got domestic partnershipped in April 2008. We paid the extra money to have a copy of the official something-or-other mailed to us. We never received it. Obviously, ideally, we would have tried to do something about this before. But now, what do we do about it? Do I have to go to the courthouse and pay more money and re-request it? Does that mean I have to go downtown, or can I go to the place on the east side that I think we went to get the whole thing done in the first place.
</whining> Thanks all