November 17th, 2009

bachelor party ideas

Ahoy there neighbors. Some pals from Seattle are coming into town for a bachelor party and they asked me what strip club I recommend. I have my favorites but I prefer a more relaxed atmosphere and I am pretty sure they are looking for 'rowdy' so as to party their asses off. Anything spring to mind? I think its going on tomorrow, I am not going so I ask mostly just to increase the already sterling reputation of our town. Thanks!
The Strongest Man.....In the World


Hi, I have looked up disc golf courses in our area, but would like to know if anyone had any feedback on certain courses, or wanted to join me for a game?

I'm novice, great drives, short game needs some work... A hole-in-one in my arsenal, but by no means a great player.

I live by SE 122nd. let's play.

Tea room

I am taking my proxy child to see New Moon on Sunday and I wanted to take her to lunch before the movie. She's nine, and she's a great kid. I was thinking a tea place; a little fancy-ish, so we can get dolled up? Ideas, anyone?

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long story short an extremely small amount of debt went to collection (i swore i had it dealt with. whatever)
i have the money to pay it off no problem. except everyone ive talked to has told me to "get something in writing to make sure they wont eff with my credit" and they won't do this normal? am i just supposed to hand over money and just hope it doesn't affect it? any other advice? i've never had any debt before so this is all new to me...


Because DP is like Yelp! with more snark...

I'm stuck up at my studio for the next couple of hours and I need some food. I went to get something from the Daily Cafe next door, but they apparently close the kitchen a half-hour before they lock the door.

The eatery must meet the following criteria:

- Must be within walking distance of my studio (SE Salmon & Grand Ave.)
- Must have healthy options (read: salad) available.
- Must be reasonably-priced. I don't want to spend more than $6-$7.

Ideas? The sound of my stomach is starting to disturb the clientele at Paper Zone down stairs.
  • molsey

Fun Themed Restaurants?

I'm looking to try a new restaurant this weekend, something casual, something with a wide variety on its menu (like Denny's, but... not Denny's.) I'd like to find a place that has some kind of fun theme. Camp 18 and Spaghetti Factory come to mind. It would need to be medium-priced (like the two aforementioned places.) Downtown Portland would be ideal, but outside of that would be okay too.

(I really wish Oregon had a Dave & Buster's!)

Ideas? :)

gobble gobble

Hey damnomnivores,

I'm cooking a turkey this year. Never done it before because I don't eat meat very often, but I have some guests coming that require turkey with a thanksgiving meal.

Since my biggest ethical problem re: meat-eating lies primarily with the meat industry, my question is, is it way super late to try and get a sustainably-raised bird? Heritage turkey, grass-fed, not-raised-in-a-monoculture, . I've googled around a bit and haven't been able to find a farm that says for sure if they are still taking orders. It's a little late in the day to call around right now, but I'll be doing that tomorrow. Ideally, I'd like to go to the farm to pick it up myself.

Is it too late or do you know of a place?

Singing a Blue Streak

I want to make a very blue soundtrack. Rules for songs wishing to apply for soundtrack placement are as follows:

1. Blue is prominent.
2. Overdone is preferable to understated.
3. The song is awesome in general and great driving music specifically.
4. Blue as in color, not as in "the blues" or unhappy.
5. Rule 3 may be waived for songs that are especially good at rule 2.

Whatcha got?