November 16th, 2009

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Multnomah County marriage licenses/name changes

Anyone get married in MultCo and (or) know whether or not both bride and groom can legally change their name that way? The website information seems to indicate so, and I figure I'd be impatient and try to get an answer right now than wait a few hours to call the county office.
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My Guide to Classy Thanksgiving Dining with Vegans

This post-vegan wrote up a quick how-to on peacable bread-breaking among vegans and their omnivorous brethren. Do you deplore veganism? That's cool with me; there's probably nothing of interest for you here! For anyone else, I unhumbly submit my recent online weblog posting: Thanksgiving Etiquette with Vegans.

(By the way, if this editorial makes you feel angry and indignant unto swearing, I'd advise you to post your screed here on LJ, as I get to moderate comments on my website and will likely weed out anything offensive.)

Thanks for reading!

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Weird Portland,

I'm a noob to body piercing. I'm thinking of getting my nostril pierced. How much do said nostril piercings typically run? And how much do you tip yr piercer? I don't need recs for shops/piercers as I know where I'm going and who is going to stab a hole in mah nose, but I hate talking on the phone and thus don't wanna call fer pricing.
Thanks, brohams.
Lego Castle Making
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I've been trying to come up with a fun thing to do for my boy on his birthday in December - and a Blazer's game just happens to fall on that day AND we both like going to those games. We've always stuck to the cheap seats but I was considering splurging for either A) club seats or B) 100-200 level seats.

Any opinion of which is more worthwhile? The clubs seats entice because of this "buffet" that's included - but the query is if it's even good.

Anyways, suggestions & opinions welcome!
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PSA: ERs and lack of insurance

Because a lot of folks ask about getting emergency care for ... teeth/falling/fever/broken limbs/fainting/VDs/mysterious troubling aches/hallucinations and other posts that begin something like -

"I don't have any insurance but I'm sick/injured - but I don't think I'm dying. Should I go to the ER?"

Who get responses that include things like 'hospitals aren't required to treat you in the ER unless your illness/injury is life threatening'

What federal law actual mandates is:

Federal law requires hospital ERs to treat all patients who are medically unstable. But hospitals can transfer patients, or send them away, once they're stabilized.

'Medically unstable' does not mean dying. It means in some possible medical crisis (that a reasonable layman would thinks is a medical crisis), it *does* include severe pain even without obvious causal agent.

ETA: edited for the stupid grammer mistakes.

Phone Repair?

Hi DP,

My cousin is visiting from England and his Sony Ericsson phone is broken and will only boot in flight mode. Usually, I would take my phone to whatever carrier I got it from for service, but he's with the 3 network in the UK and there obviously aren't any stores around here. Anybody have any idea where we could take it to have it looked at?

Thanks guys.