November 15th, 2009

C&H Fight
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DP Avenge Me

I know DP has some tech powers out there. So this is my quest, a quest to end my computer born stress.

Recently I have been having issues with "Autorun.ini" files on my external drives. Primarily linked to Rundll32.dll.exe . This is my culprit I believe. For the most part it was just very suspicious errors. Until tonight. First my web cam started turning on and off, then my cdrom drive opened and closed on its own. This all freaked me out.... the computer crashes..... GREAT.

I reboot. It starts happening again, but the cam stays on and I get an alert "Damn you look sexy on cam" Mind you this is a windows system alert. So Im like.... yep hacked. All of a sudden an ie based "Ghost Chat" pops up. I ended up finding out in C:\windows\system32\rundll32\rundll32.dll.exe there was a file called logs.dat and it was a keylogger file. I found a way to stop it for now, but I want rid of it completely, any ideas?

Fur Free Friday! Nov 27!

reposting a message from In Defense of Animals:

“Join IDA on Fur Free Friday, November 27th, the day after Thanksgiving, for a march in downtown Portland past all the locations that continue to sell fur. This peaceful, family-friendly march has historically been the largest annual animal rights demonstration in the area, where activists take over the streets of downtown to share a message of compassion about fur-bearing animals.

What: Fur Free Friday March
When: Friday, November, 27; meet at 11 a.m. (march leaves at 11:30 a.m.)
Where: Corner of SW Yamhill and Broadway (in front of Nordstroms)

This year more than ever, we need your help to make it a success. The city of Portland has changed their policy on police-escorted street closures for free speech events, and we must have at least 200 participants this year in order to do our traditional march in the street. If we can’t get 200 people out for Fur Free Friday, our march will have to proceed on the sidewalks, which may complicate the event and compromise our impact.

For at least the past decade the Portland animal rights community has taken over the streets of downtown Portland to raise our voices in unison with activists all over the country and world on Fur Free Friday. Please, do everything you can to join us and spread the word to get more people involved. We need to rally at least 200 people to make this year’s street march happen. Signs, banners and literature will be provided, just bring people! If you have any questions or to confirm your attendance, contact"


Just a shoutout to you bar-hoppers visiting my neighborhood. I know it's fun being downtown and all, and you want to have a fun, cuh-razy night. I want you to have a good time, too, even though we might have different ideas on the matter. But I've been living down here for a couple years now and noticed a few things, so please consider a few universal tips from me to you.

Consider a different outing if:
• you don't have a designated driver
• your 21st birthday party involves a "party bus" you and your 15 friends cannot pay for (oh my GOD)
• you and your girlfriend are about to break up
• you or your friends are emotionally volatile, angry, or violent after a few drinks
• you like to spontaneously scream, howl, etc. up and down a street where people live
• you are quick to get into arguments and physical fights

Honestly, at this point, I'm really tired of waking up at 12, 2, and 4 a.m. with the police on speed-dial, trying to discern if you're either having a good time or about to kill someone. I also think it's sad that a legitimately concerned neighbor is expected to either not live downtown, or just become jaded. (See Kitty Genovese.) At this point, however, I need my fucking sleep, so I'm taking tranquilizers and leaving the rest up to you. Please take responsibility for your alcohol consumption and other choices – because if you are actually screaming because you've been stabbed, etc., you and your peers have cried wolf too many times, and I'm too exhausted to actually do anything about it.

And if you are downtown, or anywhere, and you see something going down, just call 911. Please. Even if you're downtown, that's not "normal" or acceptable. We appreciate it.

Your Friend on West Burnside

Closing Blockbuster

The Blockbuster that is on Murray and Allen is closing and everything is for sale. I imagine some stuff will go down in price at a later time but there are some movies for $3.99 and some even for $1.99.
I also saw that the fixtures (tables, shelves, etc) are for sale also.
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(no subject)

Wise DP, I've got a rather large-ish dog, 100lbs and we really need a dog door for her this winter that won't be as drafty as just cutting a hole cut in the door like we have now. Any recommendation for or against? I've been shopping around petsmart/petco/target and can't seem to find answers about the drafty problem.

Or even any DIY solutions? I've mostly just nailed a flap of plastic on the hole, it's not cutting down on the draft at all. I wonder if heavy fabric would insulate enough.

I'm on a tight budget so I would rather not drop $190 on a dog door unless that is my only solution and it's well made enough to keep out drafts and not break when Fangbeast the Unholy comes barreling through it.

window condensation?

i'm working on my first fall/winter season in portland, and the apartment i'm in has some intense window condensation going on. i've never had this issue before living in other places (southwest & east coast), even in places with older windows in older buildings (like the one i'm in now).

sooooo, is it something to worry about? it obviously makes it hard to see out, but oh well on that front. i just don't want to be accepting this as a wet wintery fact when it could in fact be a bad thing, leading to mildew and mold growth, damaging the windows, killing puppies, etc.

(no subject)

I found a very cute, small Siamese kitty in my backyard a few months ago. I thought he was the neighbors but after talking with a few people on the block, it turns out he is an abandoned stray--probably abandoned by a certain person who lived in one of the houses that got foreclosed on here. So I have started feeding it, and the cat is very affectionate--let me pet him/her immediately, likes to sit in my lap, etc. This cat is very sweet and would make a great pet, but alas, cannot keep it because of my mean cat who would not be so nice to another kitty in the house.

First of all, where could I take this cat to see if it is neutered and to check for a microchip just in case I'm wrong about who the previous owner is? Is there anywhere that would do that for free? I actually would pay if I had to though.

And the inevitable question... does anyone want an awesome cat? If I could find the right home for this guy (I won't be charging a fee as that feels weird, but I would want to check up on the person and home it would go to) I will pay for it to be fixed if it isn't, and I'll get a vet visit taken care of as well. I can also give you a cat carrier. I would like to see the cat go to an indoor-only home.

I have a picture of the cat that can be sent through email.
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It's for the kids!

Hey, D-Peeps. My lovely significant other, sistermaryeris, is doing a food drive for three SE 122nd area elementary schools. We're looking for places to put food drop-boxes that are either in the vicinity of the 122nd/Division/Powell/Holgate area, or locations that are just likely to have nice people drop off non-perishable foods.

The schools, Mill Park, Menlo Park, and Gilbert Heights, all have around 80% of their kids qualifying for free or reduced-price lunch. At Gilbert Heights, Sandi's after-school kids also get free dinners on some nights. During extended breaks, they're not able to access these resources, so we'd like to stock up their cupboards a bit.

We realize, of course, that for many of us it's hard enough just putting food on our own table. But if you can help by taking a food box, if you work somewhere that might want to donate food or dollars, or if you just want to help in some way, please let us know in comments.

The drive runs from now until December 4. Thanks!
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So, I need a cheap but non-sketchy eye exam, and cheap but non-sketchy glasses. (Glaucoma testing is needed as part of the exam, as it runs in the family; I don't know if every place offers this.) I live near Lloyd Center. Recommendations?

See you in the funny pages....

Well Portland, you put on a good comic book convention. Sure I'd like to see more girls dressed up in super hero costumes, but you take what you can get right? Anyhow I enjoyed today's con and I appreciate that I only smelled a few people who didn't shower.

For the last few months I've been looking for comic book creators (artists, writers, inkers, colorists, editors, editors - whatevers) and I've even had some success! If anybody is interested in getting together with a bunch of creators on a somewhat (monthly?) regular basis please let me know - here or at dalewoodruff AT gmail dot com. (<--- does that really work?)

C&amp;H Fight
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Thanks DP

I just wanted to thank anyone that took two seconds to try and help me out with my computer problems, I ended up getting rid of it, all it took was not being lazy. For those who said simply "get a mac" I have one and I dont see how that fixes my pc.
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Selling a ring?

Hello again, DP!

I was doing a closet purge today, and I found my old engagement ring in the depths of a drawer. My ex specifically said previously that he didn't want it back, and I could use a bit of extra cash to help pay some medical bills.

It's a pretty modest ring, but it is made of quality materials. (i.e. real gold and small diamonds) Does anyone have a tip on where I might have the best luck with selling it for a fair price, besides the obvious pawn shop or Craigslist? Also, I know diamonds don't exactly hold their value well, so is this even worth the energy?

Thanks muchly!
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(no subject)

i want to see the meteor shower tomorrow night. What's a good place to see them, I have a car so I can drive out. Would the best bet be to hop on 26, drive towards Mt Hood til I'm out past Gresham and all the lights, and just pull over? Or is there a better, more organized plan of action I should consider?

Nevermind, checked the weather report, nothing within a 2 hour drive will be clear skies.

because I am a disturbed individual

Does anyone have recommendations for piercers in Portland who do triangles?

I looked on BMEzine & only saw Adorn mentioned, & I have no experience with them, nor have I heard anything about them. I typically go to Nick at STTP, although I bought jewelry from Robot & fell in love with the male piercer there, so I've had--or am willing to have--great experiences with both.

Any thoughts on location, piercer, or the process in general?

Or, bonus question: how do you feel about metal in panties?