November 14th, 2009

one wish, love

Bus Pass For Sale

Hey guys, due to my lack of job, I'm returning to Tacoma. I bought myself a trimet all zone adult bus pass for the month but I'm going home now. Anyone want it for $50 O.B.O. I'm only going to be in the area till Sunday afternoon so please let me know!
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In need of a good mechanic

My car is running in pretty good shape, but it is definitely in need of a tune up and I have the time and means to get it checked out so I'm asking for some mechanic recommendations.

I live in Northeast/North Portland so I would prefer somewhere in that area, but I'm willing to take it elsewhere if someone has a fantastic review of a mechanic ;)

I am looking for something affordable, and like I said, there isn't anything particularly wrong with the car as far as I know, I just want to go ahead and get it tuned up. It has a lot of miles on it so I would like to make sure everything is as it should be, get an oil change, etc. I have a 1997 Toyota Tercel if that matters to what mechanic I would take it to.

So with that said...any suggestions?

No Milk Pancakes

I wake up with a hankering for pancakes. I open the fridge and find only a swallow of milk left in the container. It's time to improvise, adapt and overcome.

I take a cup of flour, 2 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder, 3 tablespoons of sugar and mix together. Separately, bring together all your wet ingredients - 3/4 cup of water, 2 1/2 tablespoons of margarine (melted). Combine your wet and dry ingredients until well blended.

Cook in a well oiled pan about 4 minutes per side. That's it! Cheap and delicious.

Big Ass Book and Music Sale Now at KBOO Studios

There is an amazing amount of books, vinyl and CDs still left. On until 6pm. It's a benefit for the family of KBOO member/DJ, Richard Francis, who passed away in early September. Amazing rare electronic/experimental vinyl, lots of books, lots of gay/lesbian literature. I just dropped $125 there. It's in the studios. Go into the lobby and they'll point the way.

KBOO Studios
20 SE 8th Avenue, Portland
Between Burnside and Sandy Blvd.
(503) 231-8032
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In re the early-open breakfast place query of yesterday (, just posting to say we chose Sweet Cream - in large part because it was so close to our route to the airport, and we ended up leaving the house a little later than we originally planned (big surprise there). It was pretty sweet, definitely low cost, the coffee was good and strong and the vanilla chai was good and sweet. Omelets were had all around and were good, the hashbrowns were less than crispy to my taste but I basically like them deep fried. Loved that the woman serving obviously knew regulars and would shout their orders to the kitchen ("Regular" ... "with bacon" ... "wheat toast"). We're guessing they only have one omelet pan as each omelet arrived separately a couple minutes apart. With only half a dozen tables it was pretty full when we arrived but we were seated and served quickly. Recommended.

Re: Dairy Allergy

Thanks for all your great advice in my dairy-allergy thread (

I am figuring this stuff out slowly.
Does anyone know of a live journal group, forum, or message board for dairy-free items that isn't necessarily totally vegan?

PS. Food Fight is awesome, Fred Meyer is working out great, vegan sour cream rocks, vegan cream cheese is gross, and Chreesy instant mashed potatoes is the best thing ever.

Kid haircut?

Sorry if this has been asked recently... where do you guys get your kid's hair cut? i've done it myself the first several times (with only a few mistakes) but now my toddler is ready for something serious. Any places you'd recommend in the Beaverton/Hillsboro/West where ever area? My own stylist says she does kid's hair but i'm thinking maybe a place geared towards little children might be better. Oh, and any places to avoid??