November 8th, 2009

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birthday meh

I get to turn 34 next week. meh. This is the first birthday i haven't looked forward to since 27. I didn't look forward to that one either. I guess that this one bugs me because for the first time ever i feel that clock ticking (annoyingly because of friends and them saying "i wouldn't have a baby past 35")...anyway, made me wonder what birthdays other people dreaded or do dread? curious what other folks reasons were.
little blue dog

bpm counter?


So iTunes has a BPM column, but no program to analyze BPM of music files. Anyone know of a good Mac program I can use for this?

Ideally, I'd like something that I can run within iTunes (for example, once installed, shows up as an option in, say, the File menu), or at least something that will automatically update the BPM information in a track's ID3 tag after analyzing it. I'd rather not have to enter this information manually for each track.

Thanks folks!


Ok. It's starting to get to me. Aside from a tanning booth, anyone know of a spa or gym that has light therapy rooms? Dirty Little Secret is now closed.

Yes, I'm supplementing with exercise and a homemade full spectrum light but I really need to sit in my bathrobe in front of a giant panel of happy lights, I think.


Does anyone have a cheap computer monitor I could purchase? Let me know!
Many thanks. Break up is in final stages. Trying to get some stuff I had to give back :/
ACQUIRED! I would like to thank fozz47 for coming through and upgrading me to a lovely working free monitor so I can has interwebs. I really appreciate him and this community. My day is much improved. DP FTW!

dont care

Three Sheets

Have any of you ever seen this show? If not, look it up on Hulu. It's great!

Zane is accepting city requests and I want to sent one in for Portland. This is what is required:

Include stuff like pre-drinking rituals, bars with significance to the city/culture, unusual or unique food and drinks in the region, locally produced booze, drinking games/customs, hangover cures, and nominations for crazy characters/drinking partners to meet along the way. Cheers!


review on brunch at Murrayhill Cafe

for all of you who occasionally get into Beaverton, the corner of Murray and Scholls Ferry Road has a small shopping area. The area has several eateries and one is called the Cafe Murrayhill; It has been recommended by friends so I was awake and hungry so decided to check it out. I was there between 9:30-10:30 am this morning. I sat at a table facing the lake with the two fountains and it was nice. Wait staff was pleasant and helpful,cafe was about half full with 15 tables and about four booths with a take out counter. Good selection on the menu. The wait staff was a little slow for 6 wait staff plus a bus boy and only 1/2 full. The kitchen notified me 15 minutes after placing my order (which took awhile for them to take) that the specific ingredients for my order were being prepared and would be another 15-20 minute wait. During that time two tables were served, one table had missing items, the other had cold food. My order took 45 minutes to prepare. The food was good (when it arrived), the coffee was decent and the atmosphere was good, so I am going to chalk this up to a bad morning for the staff and try it again. So if you have time to spend and are not pushed, try out the Cafe Murrayhill for brunch and enjoy.
butterflies in my ears

hey damn bikers!

my housemate is going to a "super rad" party in sw. she would very much like to know if it is feasible to bike across the ross island bridge. if not, is the springwater corridor her next best shot?

please and thank you.
Paddle Faster

My old ski shell and fleece are ready to to retire but I'm not.

I'm willing to spend a few dollars on staying dry and warm but it's been 5+ years since I went technology shopping on jackets. Your favorites and not so favorites? Is it true Northface quality is done for? Best deal's you've found in town?
I'd like to find a mid and outer layer combo that'll do the trick hiking rainy trails this fall, snowshoeing and skiing this winter, and backpacking come spring and summer. Dreamer? Help?