November 6th, 2009

  • tmcm


I'm off to see the opera at the Keller. Are there any good bars near there to have a drink before the show? Doesn't have to be fancy but good would be nice.

And here is a really bad cartoon I drew:
russian singing

Cyrillic Cursive

Hi Dee Pee!

I have kind of a strange and last minute request.

I'm getting a tattoo tomorrow that will be in Russian, in cursive. My Russian cursive is uuuuuugly, and I was hoping that one of you could handwrite this script in a lovely Russian cursive. Doesn't have to be perfect...I want the tattoo to look handwritten...kind of like a wistful postscript on a letter, clear and kinda pretty.

Is anyone here Russian (or good at Russian cursive) and willing to write this for me, take a pic, and post in comments or email to me? I would be eternally grateful.

What I want is: Ты всегда рядом

Thank you so much!!

Благодарю с всем из моего сердца!!!!

ETA: Thank you


  for letting me base this on your handwriting. The artist did a good job, considering he had never ever seen Russian cursive before. LOL 


Leather Work

I am in search of someone, or some place, that does custom leather work. I am looking to have a cuff and a watch cuff made. Anyone know someone that does custom work fairly professionally, or fully professionally?

I already have one of the cuffs made, but I am looking to have it possibly made from a different finish of leather. I have images of the watch cuff and I have the watch I plan on setting in it.

I am figuring Spartacus but I am at work and really don't want to check their website, not to mention I am not sure if they even do leather work anymore. The website for Oregon Leather Co. didn't have anything about them having anyone there that did leather work. Also a general search online for someone local revealed jack and shit...unless I want saddle bags for a horse or a Harley.

I don't.

Looking for driving schools or instructors

I am an adult looking to learn to drive and pass the DMV test and would like recommendations and referrals on driving schools or instructors in the Portland metro area (convience to downtown Portland is a bonus). Ideally, I'm looking for someone that you can recommend as having worked with you or someone you know personally rather than googling a thing and seeing what comes up. Thaaaank you.

good place to sell prom dresses?

I am moving out as quickly as possible after an amicable but painful severance of a six year relationship and in doing so I am realizing that as much as I enjoy all my prom bridesmaid/etc dresses, I don't need them and I don't want to move them.

I would love to donate them (and still might) but unfortunately breakup severely alters my financial situation so I am hoping to sell them. Normally I just take stuff to BuffEx and then they scorn me and I take it to Goodwill, but these are really nice (read: worn once or twice or never) and I don't even know if BuffEx takes that sort of thing.

So, is there consignment in this city that gives cash for fancy dresses. That way someone can at least buy them for a lot less than I paid. :) They are 12-14 in size-ish.



I'm looking for a very awesome forest location to take photographs in Portland or near the areaish. I was maybe thinking Forest Park but does anyone know a good location in that area!



Does anyone have experience with getting cheap flights to Amsterdam? I am currently looking on and finding consistent prices of about $670, which is okay, but I've heard of cheaper. Is there some secret only the Dutch know of?

I would like to fly out of New York around January 2nd or 3rd, and return around the 12-15th.

Alternatively, what about super cheap flights to New York? I've been finding around $330. I'd like to try and be there for New Years Eve.