November 5th, 2009

dont care

Planning fail

It's my friend's 25th birthday tonight, and I failed to plan a fun evening for our little gaggle of friends. She has lived in Portland seven years but hasn't experienced much outside of the SE, so SW or NE are preferred for suggestions. She loves the Blazers, dogs, and nothing too fancy or glitzy. I was thinking dinner and an event somewhere neat or interesting (???) and then those that want to bar-hop afterward can, but myself have to be getting up at the 5:30 :(

I trust you gentle strangers

Help me find something to do!

Scenic Autumn coastal pics

A question for fellow photographers:

I'm planning an interesting concept photo for this year's holiday card. Key to the photo is violent/beautiful rocky Oregon coastline w/ waves crashing in the background. I'm aiming for something a bit like Yachats when the tide comes in and explodes along the shore but closer than the 4-hour drive needed to get there. Any suggestions for such a stormy/tumultuous location as a backdrop?

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