November 3rd, 2009


A bit of follow up and another question

Thanks everyone for the suggestions on good places to look for a pet. After some research finding a reputable breeder, we found our new puppy Henry. Given our past experience with shelters (with our cat), we decided to not go that route this time.

Henry is a Cocker Spaniel who can hold his own with my mom's full-grown, albeit small, cocker. Henry is quite big for his age and will probably be a 30 lbs cocker at adulthood. I can certainly take him out for walks, but he loves being off his leash and I know he'd enjoy getting to run in an off-leash area.

Any suggestions for off-leash areas that cater to young and/or small dogs? He's not ready for the big time quite yet. Must be on the west side and tri-met-able.

Wann be our housemate in North Portland!

Hey DamnPortlanders. I thought I would post this year first. We are looking for a new housemate. Any one interested?

-1 room in a 4 bedroom home in North Portland
-3 minute walk from yellow line Killingsworth stop
-vegetarian kitchen with gas stove
-2 indoor/outdoor cats
-$300 plus utilities plus $100 non-refunable deposit
-washer/dryer, nice porch, garden, fireplace, extensive zine collection

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Damn horse for lease!

It's probably an incredible long-shot posting here, but trying can't hurt, right?

For those of you that know nothing of horses, just scroll on past because I'm not sure this posting will make sense!

So I own a horse that I'm trying to half-lease because I only have time to ride her 2-3 times a week now (I'm a 1L law student). And maybe there are some horse-deprived equestrians on this forum who would like to bond with my sweet red-headed mare?

She is trained in dressage primarily, but would be fun for anyone with flat-work experience. She does require a confident intermediate rider because she is very light in the mouth and seat, but she has no vices, lots of personality (the good kind), and is one of those mares that bonds with caretakers after a time. In short, she is FUN! When in more regular work she easily performs at an upper training/1st level skill set.

Here's the link to my bare-bones Craigslist ad. There are some older pictures of her there.

I'm totally willing to negotiate on pricing and times/days, especially for Damn members.
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Hello All~

I am looking to get a friend of mine a flask for their birthday next week. I thought it would be nice to engrave a message on it. I know that "Remember This" in the mall does engraving but I have heard bad things about the quality of their work. Does anyone have a suggestion for a better place to go? It is my friend's 30th birthday so I want to get her something nice.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions

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Tipping at buffets?


Anyway, I was wondering what the local custom is on tipping at all-you-can-eat buffet places. What I see right now is that my grammy does this ($1 per person) but my mother doesn't. Both are long-time Portlanders with generally similar ideas of etiquette (as you'd expect given that grammy raised mom), so now I'm curious what the norm is. Looking around on the other tables at the place where mom and I typically go, I never see anyone else leaving money on the tables either. These places do not have tip jars by the register as far as I can tell.

Is tipping at an all-you-can-eat buffet place typical, like in a full-service restaurant, or just kinda nice, like how I felt about kids bringing me holiday cards when I taught? (I don't plan on stopping grammy from tipping regardless, as she can afford it and I assume it's at least appreciated, but I'd like to know if I'm routinely being a jerk when I'm not eating with her.)
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Your genius needed:

Hey guys-

I'm doing a school project about the safety/health/well-being, etc of my immediate neighborhood. All around where I live (NoPo) these signs are posted:

Do you know what the point of these signs are? I haven't been able to locate anything definitive online. I'm assuming its like a warning that any citations or penalties (like drug trafficking) is much stiffer around schools?

Any actual knowledge versus the expected snark is greatly appreciated.

Flea Market part 2!

So I posted earlier about free flea markets in PDX, but after a lot of online and zine searching, I came to the conclusion that perhaps there aren't any! The point of this post is to see if anyone out there might be interested in helping to organize one? I'm not thinking anything really complex--just a community affair where people can get together without paying merchant fees and get rid of stuff they don't need. Buy, sell, trade, whatever. That kind of thing.

I'm guessing the main ingredients we'd need would be public interest, a space to hold it, and advertising. Anyone interested?

You can e-mail me, too, if you are! Thanks!