November 2nd, 2009

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group spa experience?

I have bookmarked several spa/massage requests in the past, but now I'm looking for something very specific: a spa where four people could get massages/spa-treatments (like a wrap or scrub, not like waxing) at the same time.  At least one person would prefer a hot-stone massage if possible.  Does a facility exist in Portland that could provide this service?  Bonus points for SE.

(ETA: I have googled & citysearched up a storm but this is a hard question to get answered that way, apparently)
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Blah blah blah, H1N1

Does anyone know of any doctor's offices, pharmacies, hell, strange men on the street that have available H1N1 vaccines? My husband and I are in the 'high-risk' category (caring for an infant under 6 months of age) and each need one before we board a plane with said infant in three weeks.

Long story short, I know of the 'clinics' at various high schools, but it seems people are getting in line HOURS early. Unfortunately, with a teething baby and a JOB, we just can't do that.

Any information is appreciated!

(Sorry if this has been posted before- I checked the tags and didn't see anything recent.)

Need Help Finding Information on Relative in WWII

Hey all,
I am starting a search on my grandfather who was in the Navy during WWII, When I was a kid he never talked about his experience in the Navy in WWII other than that he was on a ship and it sank. I would like to know more about where my grandpa served and what he did during this time. I know he was in the South Pacific and went to Italy at least once (he brought home two porcelain dolls for my grandma). I also know his name, when he was born, when he died and his Social Security Number (and his wife my grandma who is still alive who says she doesn't know much cause he didn't tell her.)

My internet search isn't going too well, and it seems all the gaeneology sites cost money. Anyone have any ideas as to where to start my search?

I figured there was none better to ask then you know everything!
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Portland Pictures and a couple of questions

Hey guys,
My dad, who grew up in Portland, came to visit my a week ago and he had his awesome camera. Here's his pictures he took while he showed me his Portland.

I has a couple of questions...

1. Where is a good place to go dancing? More specifically, where's a good place to go dancing to electronica or techno, well I'll even settle for remixed top 40? It can be a bar that has a specific night or a night club and I'd like to avoid one time events (if you catch my drift?)

2. Any suggestions as to getting audio from an avi file and making the sound a mp3 file. I have a movie with good music that I'd like to have just the music without the video.
3. So my DVD reader/burner on my computer is being weird. It'll play commercial DVDs but my burned DVDs won't play. Any suggestions as to what could be up? It's the very same burner that I used to burn the DVDs even. This wouldn't be a problem except I don't own a DVD player or TV so the only way I have to watch anything on DVD is my computer. Thoughts?

As always, thanks in advance!
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house/lot history

Does anyone here know how to research the history of a house/lot? I've been curious to see pictures of and just know more about the houses that used to be on our lot before these newer townhouses were built forever but I don't know where to start. Any advice/info most appreciated! Thanks, DPeeps!

Road Rage Guilty Verdict

Road-raging LA emergency room doctor guilty on all counts, including assault with a deadly weapon, says jury in the trial of a driver who cut off two cyclists and slammed on his brakes in front of them. Among the evidence presented against him, the testimony of LAPD traffic investigator Robert Rodriguez, who told the court "Thompson said, “I just live up the road. I was driving to go to work. The bikers were in front of me, three across. I honked my horn and yelled ‘ride single file.’ The bicyclists flipped me off and yelled back. I passed them up and stopped in front to teach them a lesson. I’m tired of them. I’ve lived here for years and they always ride like this.”"

Portland-related because duh.
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rental/apt. mgmt. issues question

so, say you come home to find that your landlord and/or a maintenance person has been in your apt. while you were at work. you were not given any advance notice of this, and this is the 2nd time something like this has happened (the 1st time, advance notice was given, but not the required 24 hours. it was more like 8-12). what do/can you do? we've had a few issues here and there with our apt. mgmt. company, and they've been kind of jerky before, so i don't think just calling and complaining is going to do anything.

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Hey DPers,

I discovered today that I have a chipped tooth. Not sure how it happened. It's not bleeding or hurting, but it's a pretty huge hole in my tooth, and I'm afraid food will get stuck in it and it'll get infected. I think it needs professional attention.

I have a job right now, for which I feel truly grateful. However, it is a temp job and I have no insurance. Any recommendations for where I can go for dental care? Do you know of any good resources for the uninsured? I would hesitate to call myself poor in these times we live in, but I sure ain't rich either, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Wanted: Mortal Kombat Ringtone

Ohai guys.  My boyfriend is searching for a Mortal Kombat ringtone that will play on an LG Xenon.  We're with AT&T if that makes any difference.  It's surprisingly hard to find, and I googled it but nothing even remotely legit is coming up. 

Tried to find a ringtone from Dr. Horrible for the song "A Man's Gotta Do" but no such luck.  =(

Thank you!

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Don't forget! Tuesday night! 6pm til whenever!

Last minute reminder for Jeremy's Cleverly Titled British TeeVee Night at the Low Brow. It's Tuesday night of this week(the 3rd).

We're starting at 6pm and going until 10 or whenever everybody leaves. It's free, so show up and support the bar staff by chugging pints or what have you.

We'll be showing a mix of British stuff: Jeeves & Wooster, Blackadder, Doctor Who, and a few other interesting bits.

A brief sample:

Bring your friends! All invited! Here's the facebook link for it.

The Low Brow is at the corner of NW 10th & Hoyt, just up the street from Powells and the streetcar.
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just wanted to bitch.

Moved into a great new place. Less than a week later find out I have to be out by the end of the month. It's located perfectly for me, and the other roomies love my dogs. Only problem is, they were on a lease and decided to get a third roomie to ease costs without clearing it with the landlord. Landlord finds out, says no, she has to go. Only wants two people in the house. They beg, Landlord says I can stay the month. I am calling the landlord myself tomorrow but. Wow. Bad luck much? I'm ready to just flip my shit right now but am so exhausted I can't do anything but stare at the wall.

And no, I did not know this was the situation, or I wouldn't have moved in.