November 1st, 2009



Quick! Where can you take your adored ferret for a check up to see if anything is wrong because she's eating a lot but not gaining any weight. This is for GF. Name 'em off, cheap, expensive, whatev.

[edit]: Well hell, this is pretty much 100% unanimous! Thanks y'all! I looked up the prices and I might just make the appointment FOR her since she's worried about her uber skinny ferret (and well, so am I, ferrets are amazing and I don't even have one).

PS: I love you guys.

Question about vegetable storage

Okay, so winstonchiswell 's post last week about bugs in produce led to some comments of "Don't you wash your vegetables off when you get home from the grocery store?"

I never wash them off right when I get home b/c it always seemed like storing wet vegetables would lead to ... goopyness, going bad quickly, molding, or something.  I've always waited until I was actually going to cook them to wash them off.

But I'm curious: do YOU wash your vegetables off right away and then store them, or store them and wash them later?  If you wash them first, do you put them away wet, or do you dry them?  How do you dry leafy greens like lettuce?  If you put them away wet, do they get yucky quickly?

I'm just wondering, b/c maybe I've just never known the proper way to do this...

Portland related b/c we eat vegetables here.

preconcert food!

Hey!  I'm seeing a show tonight at the Roseland (Ohh, Regina!) and I was wondering if anyone knows any good places for dinner tonight pre-show.  It's Sunday so all my favorite places happen to be closed.  Thanks, yo!
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I've got a hankering for some clam chowder BUT here's the tricky thing - I want something I can nab in a store, and requires limited effort on my part. Anyone know who has the best canned/boxed/frozen/whatever place to get this i.e. Fred Meyer/New Seasons/Whole Foods?

Intense Carpet Stain

I just spilled a bottle of store bought blood on a white carpet and need it removed immediately. I know it is probably hopeless but please tell me there is something I can buy to take it out. I literally just spilled it.

EDIT: Used Oxi Clean, worked like a charm. After about three hours of carefully applying and using countless paper towels, most of it is gone and it's just a small pink stain. Thanks for all the help!

Also, it was store bought fake blood, not some kind of blood from a corpse, although maybe I was entertaining some of you with the thoughts of it so perhaps I've spoken too soon.

all knowing

do studded winter tires really make a difference on a front wheel drive car? Or should I just get all weather tires and a set of chains (ouch)

Thanks for the input, will make a decision this week.
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old comics

I owe the Penguin some comic books. Anybody know who it is?
Seriously. He subscribed to my comic-magazine years back but never got copies.
I don't have his info. I think Cat Woman is his girlfriend.
Yes. This does seem ridiculous but I really do want to get him those comics.
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