October 31st, 2009


Dry Cleaners?

Oh wise mystical DP. This morning I awoke to discover that my dog had wet the bed. (Turns out she has OMG UTI, poor baby. She's at the vet now.) My bed has a down comforter on it.

Where can I get my down comforter dry cleaned without having to worry about it coming back burned, torn or otherwise f-ed up? Google isn't that helpful as most dry cleaners have a lot of bad reviews.

It doesn't have to be vegan, free, or in SE. The only bonus points awarded are if it's open today.

Thanks DeePee and Happy Halloween!

PS How does the tag thing work? It won't let me tag this as: Where can I get?

Because DP is my go-to for all my questions about where to buy local

The wife and I are thinking of getting a puppy for our 3 y/o for Christmas. Other than pet stores, what are some good local resources for finding a puppy? We're in an apartment, so we're looking for something small, maybe a Yorkie or a Westie.

I'm also open to suggestions of other breeds that would be both cute and good with kids. I'm not a fan of all the "designer" mixed breeds out there (puggles, min-pins, Neufypoos, etc.) and would prefer something in a mutt or a specific breed recognized by the AKC.

Letter writing month! (If people are still interested)

About a week ago, I proposed that instead of (or in addition to), the NaNoWriMo, some people might be interested in a plan to write one letter a day throughout the month of November.
Which turns out to start tomorrow.
If anyone is interested in adding some penpals for the month, you can post your address in this thread. I imagine that many of you won't want to post your physical address here on the internet.com, so you can also post your e-Mail address so people can ask you that way.
Happy writing!
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This year we did some DIY hanging tomato baskets, we had decent results, but the season is gone and done.

What he have left is 4 grocery bags that served as planters, they have large tomato plants in them as well as some premo potting soil - the kind that comes preloaded with manure, extra minerals, etc. If someone wants to come pick them up, you're welcome to them, otherwise they're going to get chucked.

We live in Wilsonville, let me know if you're interested.

SNNLC, Halloween Edition

For Halloween Grinches and those who just happen to be home, what's up?

I'm about to pop in "The Crow" for my own little celebration, after enjoying a day out in this gorgeous weather (yay rain and cold!) and a great big steak and potato dinner.

For those who roll in later and can't stand going to bed without checking LJ, how was the party?
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I'm sorry...

To the Parents of Trick or Treaters on SE Alder St:

The packets of blood are either soy sauce, hot mustard, Popeye's jam, or Vinegar in envelopes. Completely harmless, save for that mustard! WHOA!

The kids say trick or treat, if they choose blood, they got tricked!

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A Tasty Sub Sandwich, Late on Sunday?

Long story short: My co-workers (all five of them) got rather a large ration of unwarranted... poop from our lovely bosses late last week. On Monday, I'd like to bring in some food for them as a consolation prize. I have to leave for work very early on Monday: around 6:30 AM, and ride Tri-Met to outer NW Portland. (Few cheap food options there, and none will be open that early anyhow.) I have about a $30 limit to spend.

So after careful thought, I figure that the best no-fuss, easy-to-carry, post-Halloween treat would be a sub sandwich or two, if workable. I want to get them as late as possible Sunday night so they will still be relatively fresh by lunchtime (12:30 PM) on Monday. (I am hoping that whoever makes up the sandwiches will be willing to pack up the dressing or what-have-you on the side. I'm also hoping for a veggie sub option, since one of my co-workers doesn't eat meat.)

If you can recommend a good place to pick up subs that stays open on Sunday nights, please share. Yeah, chains are fine. Got one near me. Even Fred's will do in a pinch, but I'd rather find a local place to patronize if it's good. Bonus points for a locale in N, NE Portland, or close-in Vancouver.

Sincere thanks.

[ETA- diffuse's recommendation, East Side Deli, has an out-of-service number. When I called information, they gave me the number for... East Side Dance Studio. D'oh! Maybe the deli in question is no more. Has anyone in SE actually been there recently?]