October 30th, 2009

ski nut


Anyone got a spare wrestling headgear thing lying around? I got the singlet, got the boots. Haven't been able to find the headgear (haven't looked very hard).

I'll buy you a beer, and can come pick it up from wherever.

(needed for Halloween, obviously)

Thanks DP.

Also any gold medals would be a plus. Doesn't even have to be real gold! Something on a ribbon.

Halp! I need a venue!

My big four-oh is approaching and I want to have a nice blowout of a party!

I need a venue. I have $300. I'm gonna have 40-50 people but they do not need to be seated. The idea is to stand around and get drunk. There must be a bar in the venue, I do not need to set up a separate cash bar, but might be amenable to that. My friends will make it worth the bar's money, for sure. They lap up the sauce like Mayor Quimby's wife at an open bar.

Sound system to plug in an iPod would be nice, but is not necessary. We can bring one in if need be.

I was looking at the Secret Society ballroom but damn they want a shitload of money. We are still feeling the recession here and I am going to be handing some venue a lot of thirsty customers and probably a lot of money.

It is a Wednesday night. NE or SE Portland preferably.

Got any ideas? Thanks you best lucky wishes and OK!
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Another Halloween Post!

Have you read the papers lately? Filled with fun and exciting things to do this Halloween, as it chances upon a Saturday this year.

So? We bring you this, Vagabond Opera's Halloween show! The show to beat all shows! This year, we lurk among The Woods, former mortuary turned venue for our festivities.

Whether you want to dance, party, pray, or channel your ancestors, this night is for you. The night will feature a stunning interactive altar installation dedicated to honoring the dead, an apothecary and museum of weird objects (How weird, I dare not say!), a divination table and an ancient fire ritual in honor of Baba Yaga, the Slavic Witch!

Doors open at 9:30pm with the show at 10pm featuring Tommy Twimble in an opening vaudeville act, and spinning toward a dramatic end at midnight!

Part event proceeds will support The HeART of Healing project of the Archimedes Movement, a grassroots effort to spark positive health reform in Oregon and beyond. More info here!

Tickets will be avaliable at the door, but we are almost sold out!

Shameless self promotion

Good morning DP,

Last night I created human_sexuality. It deals with sexuality and sexual health (read the userinfo for more information). Everyone is welcome, and so far we have over 100 members. I am pretty excited by how quickly this is growing and I really want to see it become more active.

So check it out and if you have any questions, let me know.
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I'm late on this, but I still think it needs to be said:

Thank you, Norman Borlaug, for a life full of improving the world.

He passed away on September 12th, and thanks in large part to him millions if not billions of lives were saved from starvation.
ruby slippers


Nothing like last minute...anyone want to go for free tonight @ 7 (at Cinema 21)? Have 1 other ticket to whoever wants to go.

Someday, I will either live in the same town as my friends, or bother to make friends here. Today is not that day.
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Student Labor

I'm in need of work once again. I need to make some money to make it by for the next week/two and Im looking to you DP for odd jobs. I can do just about anything you need.

I'm pretty well versed in anything tech - (computers, tv, home theater, etc).

I can manage most handy man jobs, though as of right now I don't have any power tools (working on buying some new ones).

I also don't mind heights, so if you need someone to scale your house to fix/retrieve something from your roof, I can do that.

I have nothing against cleaning either.

I just want to be able to make some surviving money (food, transportation, couple bills) so anything would help. Please let me know.
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Moving Truck

So far I've looked at U-haul and Budget and so far Budget has had the best rate with a promotion. Which is $16 a day and $.79/mile. Does anyone know a better way to go about getting a moving truck?
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Whatch'all doin'?

I'm developing a web site while listening to my D'yer Mak'er station on Pandora. Afters I'm gonna watch my Netflix disc of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Season 4: Disc 2).

Friday night no life club and GO!

P.S. I was going to say don't tag this but then I saw there is a "no life club" tag and that's kind of awesome, so tag away.

P.P.S. PSA: Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday (or very late Saturday night, however you want to view it). Set your clocks back one hour.

Car check-up?

I just bought an '84 Mercedes, and while the mechanics are sound and it drives well, it needs some repairs (dashboard lighting is out, driver side doors don't lock, gas-gauge may be a little flaky). Does anyone have suggestions where I could take it for a tune-up/basic repairs that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg?

Places in SE are best, but not essential.

song suggestions

For my video class I'm making a documentary about zombies, showing them as real people with feelings and problems. I need a song that is about seeing the someone's true beauty for a nice corny opening. I'm closing with a snippet of Bittersweet Symphony and the zombies walking away down the road holding hands. Any suggestions?
I wanted to use Let Me Be Myself by 3 Doors Down, but then I remembered that song was specifically made for use in the Geico caveman promotion.