October 27th, 2009

Recommend me some good free iPhone apps

I just got myself an iPhone and I've been trying out lots of apps, but I'm wondering what I might be missing out on that everybody uses but doesn't talk about anymore, or whatever. So what apps would you recommend? Here's what I have already found that I like:

Google Earth
NPR News

Also, are there any paid-for apps that are worth buying? Any good iPhone games?

yay damnportlanders!

After about 11 years on my old princessbunny99 LJ, I finally changed over to a name without numbers in it. I feel like a grown up :3

Then I sat and stared at my inbox for like 3 hours waiting to get approved to the community. My friends page was so sad and empty without you!

 Now for my question:
Does anyone have a 2 bedroom rental house they're moving out of around april-may? How about good apartments kinda close to OHSU or close to a bus that goes directly there? me and the fella are moving back around that time and we're all about being prepared.

I miss you best city in the world!

Free Event: Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar by James Marcus Bach

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28TH, 7PM: Join us for a reading and signing with James Marcus Bach, author of Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar: How Self-Education and the Pursuit of Passion Can Lead to a Lifetime of Success.

When James Bach was just 24 years old, he told a classroom of at risk kids, "Education is important. School is not. I didn't need school. Neither do you." And James should know. At the age of 14, James dropped out of school because it was "interfering" with his education. To James, it wasn't just a waste of time, he felt he was using his own time against himself. This was a seemingly radical idea for someone who would go on to become one of the youngest technical managers at Apple Computers and an internationally-recognized expert in the field of computer software testing.

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Laundry + beer?

I tried Google Local and checked the DPer's tags list to no avail.

Any of those "cool" laundromats that have beer, video games, wifi, etc.? Due to a plumbing issue our washer / dryer will be offline for a bit and I need my unmentionables laundered. And I'd prefer not to go through this sober, if at all possible. If I have to sit in the Halsey laundromat with a 40 in a paper sack I will, but don't make me do that. East side, please.

In Corvallis there was Suds N Suds, and Eugene had Club Wash. Something like that.
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If you are really, really, really bored...

I used to write essays and post them here, to the delight of some (notwithstanding solteronita's dismay at my self-aggrandizing ways) and the "meh" of others. :)

I'm doing something called therealljidol this time around, and I wrote a giant-ass essay as part of that. Rather than post it here, I figured I'd just link it so you could more easily ignore it as you search for vegan undershorts.

It's long, but hey, that's what she said. Snark is fine, but I don't cry as easily as I used to. heh
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Also, what, no "Blazers opening night!!!!!!!!!!!!!" enthusiasm? Has my beloved town come to this? I'll say it here: 58 wins, Oden comes into his own, and they lose the Western Conference Finals after shockingly eliminating the Lakers the series before.
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Fun stuff for a six year old... ideas?

My almost 6 year old niece is coming for a visit soon. This will be her first sleepover without her mom and dad along, and she's pretty excited, so I would like to make it special if I can.

So, what's fun to do in Portland for an almost 6 year old girl? She's been to the zoo and the Children's Museum, so I'm looking for other suggestions.

Cheap or free is good, but I don't mind shelling out some cash for something special.

Tea whores unite secretly

Meetup tonight!

Not sure if this is were they stuck us before, but we're in the middle section at a long table.

Again, at McMenamin's Tavern and Pool
1716 NW 23rd AVE

if you ask for DP, they may scratch their head because the reservation was put under Ash! Hope to see at least a few faces here, this table is rather large and empty!

Bugs in the Fred Meyer produce

Has anyone ever had any nasty bug infestations in the produce you bought at the Hawthorne Fredrick Meyer?

We have. For the 2nd week in a row, we got bug infested organic greens. First time was an order of kale, and it was completely INFESTED with little black bugs, and the backs of the leaves were COVERED (i shit you not) with little whitle fluffy egg sacs. Eccch.

Second time, tonight, while we were cooking a lovely dinner with a bunch of CHARD, we found the fattest, green caterpillar I ever done saw.
Sure, one caterpillar is not a problem you say, wash it off. However, it had also been sitting in the fridge for a few days, so there was caterpillar poop all over it and lord knows however many more there were on the bunch.

So last week, I politely called the Produce Dept. and spoke to the food dept. manager, David Thornton. He was very apologetic about the bugs and whatnot, said he'd look into it and he'd refund our money and give us new stuff. Ok. 
Tonight,  my gf called them and the attempt first was to fob her off with "oh the manager isn't in, call tomorrow" before she insisted on speaking to someone who WAS there. She was connected to the asst. manager, and the great fobbing off of 2009 re-commenced immediately, as he tried to assure her that it was normal ("it's organic!").
While there is some truth in that, we also go to the farmer's market and there are never any sickly veggies there. He also said no one else had complained about it, while the person who clearly DID, was standing right next to her. Basically, they sold her a faulty product and then said "that's not a bug, that's a feature" (no pun intended).

An honest question: are we out of line for expecting our organic vegetables bug free? And by bug free I mean "no gross egg sacs over 80% of the produce".

I for one shall be paying a charming visit to David Thornton and see what in the hell is going with his department. We've been going there for YEARS and years and never had this problem.

Snark away.

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'...

If your heads haven't imploded from the bad-pun trauma, I have a dire need for your infos, DeePee:

I need a full slip that hits about mid-thigh (I don't have much modesty to spare anymore) & is under $20. Bonus for sheer fabrics & if it doesn't cling like a mofo. I need it by Friday.

Do you know where I could find one? I tried Ross, Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom Rack, Forever 21--I seriously tried Forever 21, people; I nearly shot myself in the head.

Or, alternately, do you have one you no longer wear & are willing to give up for a good cause? I wear a medium, give or take. Please don't make me brave the mall again.
C&H Fight
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So Im moving, possibly as early as tomorrow. I want to get internet and cable (phone too if it's worth it)

Here is my dilema, I want a good price, good customer service, and options. So far my thoughts are as followed.

-Pros: I have worked with them before.
-Cons: I have worked with them before.
The big issue I have with them is reliability. I used to lose internet and cable with them all the time and it seemed like it could never get fixed.

-Pros: A friend has it and thus far seems to work great
-Cons: Never worked with them before.
The place Im temp staying at right now uses this service and with dvr and all that good stuff it seems to work rather well.

-Pros: Had phone service from them once, they were pretty good.
-Cons: I dont know much about their services but they seem sub par.

ANY, I reapeat ANY help would be great. Thanks DP

Bonus points if you work for one and can tell me why/why not to get the service.
beatnik betty

<3 meetup post mortem

Met with some of the damnpeople for the monthly DP meeting at the NW 23rd Ave McMenamin's. 
Consensus: The Terminator-Chocolate Milkshake is amazing. 
Also, it is the perfect time of year to have hot apple cider + bourbon/whiskey drinks. Stock up!
There were only about 8 people total this evening though. 
We had a nice long sexy table waiting for all of you who didn't show up. 
Its ok, we just talked about the usual: science fiction, IT, and date rape. 
Til next time!