October 25th, 2009


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Hey Portland photogs.

Adobe is offering it's Lightroom 3 in open Beta for free right now. It's good software to use for photo stuffs. It expires April 30, 2010. So you get a hearty 6 months of a fun digital darkroom software.

You need an Adobe membership, but that's free just sign up. =P
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Amsterdam in Twelve Hours!

So, in my very first international trip, I will be going to Egypt (and hopefully into Gaza for a few days). On my way, I have a twelve hour layover in Amsterdam (8am to 8pm).

I KNOW I have read that many of you have spent time in Amsterdam. With your experiences in mind, what would you do if you had thirteen hours?

Unfortunately, there aren't many travel guides catering to the broke student who chose the longest layover possible in order to squeeze in some extra awesomeness. :]

Thank you!
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KUFO take over

So how do you feel about KUFO being taken over and everyone being fired? ALPHA Broadcasting could have done this to KINK, KXL, KUPL, 95.5 the Game but no they did it to the only hard rock station in the Portland area. KGON and KNRK do not count. An interesting podcast about it is on pdxsucks.com/ Part of what is talked about is ALPHA said there would be no take overs. So how do you feel about it?

And if all you are going to post is "you still listen to the radio?" then please don't post.

To edit: I don't think this would have been done to KINK in all reality, though.

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My younger sister is interested in doing some sort of beauty program, Cosmetology. She wants to do hair I guess. I don't know. Anyway, she's wanting to go to Mt. Hood Community College. Have any of you attended this school before? More specifically the cosmetology program? Could you suggest a better program, if there is one?
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Commodore 64 for free!

There's an organization that's giving away Commodore 64s for free, but the deal is null and void if anyone responds to this thread suggesting that the Apple IIe or the Atari 800 are better.  And don't even get me started on the Atari 400; that membrane keyboard sucks balls! 

ETA: In case anyone took this seriously, it was just a lampoon of the other threads on the MS certifications and the Adobe photo software.

But for those interested in getting an old C64, they can be found on eBay, there are lots of emulators around, and best of all, someone released a C64-on-a-chip-built-into-a-joystick some years back.  More info at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C64_Direct-to-TV
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Meetup reminder


McMenamin's Tavern and Pool
1716 NW 23rd

Minors welcome until 10pm*
*I've noted quite heavily that if you show up close to 10 with a minor or as a minor they will probably not serve you, this may just be the Ram's Head down the street, though.

Meetup FAQ needs to be changed, but basically be nice, polite, you know the drill! And if you have any questions, message me and I can try and clear things up!

Also! It is October, lets show up in costumes and have some fun... though your work attire might count as a costume, as well ;D
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It's always something!

Thanks to those of you who recommended Norvac. It lead me on an awesome adventure of electronic nerdery!

Also, my furnace still needs a new blower motor. The bearings in the one I have are going out and they make a horrendous whine. I happened to have a used blower motor is pretty dang good condition. The problem is that the spare I have is a 3-speed and the one I need is a 1-speed. Would anyone like to negotiate some kind of trade?
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All of you "computer people", or whatever the hell you're called...

I am trying to make a very specifically formatted document. We need about 60 of them individualized with information about foster children. I am anal about the formatting of the document, and I want them all to be exactly the same. Because I will not be the only one writing the documents, this can present a problem, especially when many of my co-workers are not computer literate and it can take them 10 minutes to figure out how to copy and paste or change a font size. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable, but compared to others I am a know-nothing. Therefore, I humbly approach the DP Court, ready for ridicule, snark and personal attacks, to ask for your thoughts.

So I was trying to figure out ways to make it easy for my co-workers to enter information (on an Excel spreadsheet for instance) and then have my wonderfully formatted document created! *thunder and lighting*

This is where I am kind of clueless. I thought of perhaps doing a mail merge kind of thing, but that seems like it's very complicated for people who don't know what a mail-merge is and really not the kind of thing mail merge was made for. (Though I could be wrong!)

Then there are forms in Microsoft word, where the person simply has to click on each form and input information. This seems like it could work, though the benefit of the spreadsheet is that I can give examples of what I'm looking for in another cell so they can see what specific information I'm looking for.

So, other than a mail merge that I'm not too sure would be easy for co-workers and using forms directly in Microsoft Word, can anyone think of anything else that I could do? We do not have Microsoft Access at work:(